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Right on our website’s homepage we boldly say “We are your proven design, development and consulting partner in Berlin!” We know it and our clients know it, but in today’s competitive environment, we need to let the rest of the world know what we’re all about.

According to Clutch’s research, 62% of business decision makers rely on online reviews before deciding whether to work with a business service company.

So, it’s great to show off how we helped our clients on our website, but we wanted to take to Clutch, as an independent third party ratings website, so other people could learn about the work we do and love!

After 2-3 months on Clutch’s platform, we’ve already collected 5 reviews that make us shine brighter than ever!

Our first review was over 400 words that tells a reader what it’s like to work with us. The review is summed up nicely by saying,

“Mobiteam covered all of my needs, they are a top-notch company.”

Another one of our reviewers noted how much they enjoyed working with us by saying,

“They were not only experienced web developers, but the team also had a sense of responsibility and flexibility.”

After reading what Igor Alexeevich, the CEO of said about our work, we knew we had made the right decision in joining Clutch’s review platform. He said,

“With years of experience in web design and development, they know how to communicate with clients and deliver results.”

All of this amazing recognition on Clutch’s platform has landed us as a top web development company in Germany according to their research. As we continue to collect more reviews on Clutch, we hope to rank higher on their listings. We’d really like to thank our clients for taking the time to recognize the work we do for them.

After being blown away by our Clutch profile, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you achieve all your development goals!


Mobiteam is helping young startups and established companies to expand their online presence, user acquisition and conversion by connecting them to our many daily readers and network.

Now you can get your article published on and let your company be seen, discovered and used by thousands of monthly readers.

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