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Project Scope

The goal of this project is a noble one – to make the internet a better, a safer place. It all started after an incident our client had while selling his used iPhone on one of the biggest German classifieds websites. He got scammed. Badly.

It was then decided to create the first German platform focused on buying and selling exclusively iPhones. Where the process of buying and selling will be 100% transparent and safe, both for the seller and buyer.

The main goal was to start within Berlin and then gradually expand to the whole country. Because of the maximum proximity with Apple products, the website had to transmit the same feeling and aesthetics as its source. Together with an elegant and easy to use design, paired with a secure backend and Admin Panel.


We got a very clear RFP from the client, including a wireframe sketch, which helped a lot to move from day one to the right direction.

Although the design process was flawless and very smooth, getting approvals almost without any adaptation after client feedback, the main challenge came from the technical part.

We had to connect with PayPal and to create a technical possibility that everyone involved in the transaction is either getting his share from the sale or, purchases the phone safely. It was challenging because the website had to receive a fixed amount from the sale, while the seller, the money from the sale itself.

Another challenge was with the pending transaction from PayPal. To have an escrow service integrated and make sure all the parties are safe throughout the transaction.


We had several weeks of intense brainstorm within the team, with the client and with PayPal, to find the best option for a secure and simple option to satisfy everyone without any compromise.

Happily, we were able to identify a perfect solution based on PayPal’s API, working with their extensive documentation and feedback iterations. We managed to share the commissions from every sale on separated accounts.

To complete the security measures, we were also able to make the login possible with PayPal’s account, which gives a lot more trust and credibility to the involved parties during the sale and purchase.

Final Result

The website was officially launched in January 2020 is already getting good traction. The team has over 1000 listings every day. The client already celebrated the first sale in the first month from the launch.

The results are good and at this moment, there are already two things for business development:

  • expansion to the whole country
  • because of the high demand and requests, there is planned to be added also the Android phones

As an extended ongoing free support, we happily provided 3 free of charge workshops where we shared our experience as well on the marketing and product growth. We are glad it worked well on this topic too.

Client Feedback

It quickly became clear that the offer, the competence and the experience of Mobiteam is the best choice. Marcel as the CEO of Mobiteam supported us not only with his software development team but also with their long and outstanding expertise in online marketing. The interaction with the software team in Moldova was intense and the response time was extremely short.

Julius Martinetz - Founder
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