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There is nothing that better proves the quality than a thankful review and appreciation from your client

It’s not easy to please all the tastes, yet we manage that thru our extensive experience and the teamwork, combined with the client’s cooperation during the project.

The positive feedback we receive is the result of the strong bond and trustworthy partnership with our clients, additionally to well-executed projects we deliver.

Although we think the client is the core-cell around whom the entire project is designed and developed, we will not miss any opportunity to contribute and come up with a better solution. It’s called experience and know-how.


Pedro Ivo Ferraz da Silva
Embassy of Brazil in Berlin
Sönke Kreft
Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII) e.V.
Sebastian Teo Popa
Joanna Coronado
Essence of Berlin
Tobias Leibach
Rik Watkinson
Simon Pierro
World-Famous Magician
Jaen-Pierre Klaassen
Marta Zaparojan
Julius Martinetz
Danilo Piech
Nexxoo GmbH
Dr. Mahmoud Rashidi
Moontara Mahmoud Rashidi & Simon Trick GbR

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