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Work process

A correct workflow saves not only the time but also the money and avoids the frustration at the end.

It took us several years to finetune and optimize the best possible way of a workflow. This impacts on positive and efficient communication during the project. Beside using Asana for Project Management or Slack for chats, we are keen to meet in-person, to feel the project, its scope and philosophy.

Although we are flexible in our work and try to adapt for a smooth cooperation, below are the phasis we are following when creating a website or mobile app. Every phase is being broken down to milestones which we set to be achieved. This gives a very clear image for the client to understand at what step is the project, its progress or eventual issues.

Work Process Stages

  • Step 1
    Meeting & Listening Icon
    Meeting & Listening

    First, we will have a meeting to listen to your wishes and needs.

    What you want to get from us. At this point, normally we will have either an in-person meeting in our Berlin office (or yours if within the EU). Given the current situation with COVID19, we will most likely have a ZOOM call and discuss your project scope. That’s a pleasant experience too. We will question several important details, that will help us shape up very well your real needs and goal. This is a crucial step – to understand correctly your project.

  • Step 2
    Project Requirements Icon
    Project Requirements

    Preparing a detailed project requirement and breakdown.

    At this step, we are breaking down into details all the project phases, the functionality, the technical stack, iterations. In one word – the Terms of reference (TOR), to define the purpose and structures of a project. At the end of it, we will know the exact timeline, the HR and the costs necessary to commit and deliver a high-end project.

  • Step 3
    Submit the Offer Icon
    Submit the Offer

    The project is well-analyzed and the offer is prepared.

    After the most important two phases of getting to know each other and, the project requirements in details, we are ready with the preliminary offer. There you will find all the details about the project’s timeline, technical specifications, HR and obviously the costs. If necessary, some of the phases or functionalities can be adjusted to fit either your deadline or budget. We are flexible.

  • Step 4
    Offer Approval Icon
    Offer Approval

    This is the moment we are starting the project for real.

    At this stage, the agreement is done and signed. Both you and we are fully aware and comfortable with working together and we look forward to getting started the next business day. From here on start the real endeavour of creating a web project. What was until now – was a prelude, we say so.

  • Step 5
    Design Icon

    The most pleasant phase of all – the design. Creativity and excitement.

    We master Photoshop and Sketch. I will prepare the wireframes, design book, mockups, logos, banners, and all the visual materials for the new project. Our web design team will start drafting 1 or 2 variations of the main page so that you can choose the right direction and give solid feedback for the adaptation and next pages.

    At this phase, we are working with Photoshop, InVision, and Adobe XD, which makes the feedback iterations very easy and quick. We offer up to 3 rounds of design adaptation until you are fully satisfied.

  • Step 6
    Design Validation Icon
    Design Validation

    Looking forward to your Design Approval so that we can start the development.

    This means that the design is approved and we can continue with the next phase – the development. Nonetheless, the designer will be monitoring the development phase to make sure no deviation is made and the visual effects are in the right place.

  • Step 7
    Development Icon

    Congratulation. That’s a serious milestone achieved. 50% of the project is done.

    Another good news – this phase requires the least interaction from your side. It is about the code, algorithms and programming. We do the magic while you prepare your business plan for the launch. However, you will be hearing from on a regular basis, to be updated about the timeline and progress. We consider that being informed about the progress is still better than not.

  • Step 8
    Pre-launch Test  Icon
    Pre-launch Test

    Almost there. One last step to go live.

    Now we are ready with the alpha version of your project. After all our internal tests and bug fixings, we are ready with the pre-launch to give you the access to test all the functionality, elements, to make sure everything is according to the Design and Project Requirements. Three rounds of testing feedback are included, which is more than enough to polish the project and go live with a top product.

  • Step 9
    Launch Icon

    Here we are! That’s the big day that was worth waiting for.

    Everything is tested, polished. You are excited and we are glad. We will work closely with your System Administrators to deploy the website on your local environment, to handover all the source codes, access to the tools and plugins, etc. Besides that, we will prepare you an extensive documentation tutorial in a .pdf file, so that you are able to edit whatever you need in the future by yourself, whenever you want.

  • Step 10
    Maintenance & Support Icon
    Maintenance & Support

    Do you think launching the website is the last thing? Not really.

    You are not alone even after we reach our common goal. We help, instruct and assist you with how to handle the website you received. Moreover, after this exciting journey, 90% of our clients give us their websites for future tech maintenance and design updates. Some clients need new casual pages on different promotions or events. All in all – we fully take care of any future update or edit the website needs. Just let us know.

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