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Digital Marketing Essential Guide For Beginners

SEO & Growth Hacking

Digital marketing is a process of promoting and selling your services and products through online platforms like search engines, social media, emails etc. It started with the normalization of the internet, and now it is among the world’s biggest markets which is expected to reach 786 billion by 2026. The basic rule in marketing is […]

Most Popular Web Design Software to Use in 2022

Web Design

You could not ask for a more exciting time to be a digital designer. Now more than ever you have affordable, easy-to-learn tools and resources that can produce professional-grade designs and products. If anything, the choices can be overwhelming, especially for a new freelance designer. That’s why we have put together a list of the […]

How to choose the right web design company in 2022

Web Design

Your online presence is more important than ever, so it might be time for a website redesign if your website is looking out of date. If you don’t already have a web design agency you’re happy with, how do you choose the right firm to help update your site? Start with some reconnaissance work. Perform […]

How to Create and Sell NFTs – beginner’s guide

SEO & Growth Hacking
header image of nft blog post on mobiteam

The noise around NFT started in 2020 when the concept was put into practice for the first time. Ever since, the news spread and convinced people interested in this topic to explore and exploit the NFT ecosystem in every possible way. There are thousands of people trying to sell their own non-fungible tokens on all […]

The Fundamentals of SEO-Keyword Volume and Difficulty

SEO & Growth Hacking

SEO is crucial for your company to get a decent appearance on the results page. Keywords play a big part in SEO performance. However, to find a decent keyword, one must look at both volume and difficulty. Is there a perfect sweet spot between these two factors? Study shows that 93% of online journeys start […]

What is Interactive Web Design and Why It’s a Trend in 2022

Web Design

By 2022 all respectable websites are using interactive elements for various purposes. These interactive elements are a part of Interactive web design – a design process focused on enhancing user experience through interactive elements. For 2022, Interactive web design will rule the internet, as more business owners focus on user retention, reduced bounce rates, and, […]

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