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How to deliver well-prepared marketing reports in 2021


If you’re in marketing, you know that sometimes, reporting can be tiresome and time-consuming. Although it’s an essential part of one’s job, copy-pasting numbers from one spreadsheet to another can distract you from work that you get paid for: managing projects, brainstorming campaign ideas, and such. If you want to level up your reporting game, […]

Ecommerce Migration Tool: Cart2Cart Detailed Review


When store migration is on the horizon, e-merchants start looking for the ways and tools to perform the job. After a quick Google search, they usually discover Cart2Cart as one of the most used and talked about ways to switch eCommerce platforms. With the boom of online buying and selling practices, switching across various shopping […]

How Seravo Redefined WordPress Hosting and Upkeep Standards


WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms as almost a third of online “real estate” of the world runs on it. Although it is the best possible solution for a company website, it is also great for e-commerce, or more complex projects. But with all its greatness that WordPress provides, there are also […]

Why Your SME Needs HR Software


Founders should stop worrying about keeping expenses low and be focusing on their business.  Keeping expenses to a minimum won’t reduce your costs when starting a business. While it may seem rational to keep as many expenses to a minimum as possible while you grow, it is also important to make room in your budget […]

MultiSafepay – reliable payment methods for merchants


At Mobiteam we create the webdesign & web development for your webshop. But what is a well designed and developed eCommerce platform without a secure and optimized checkout? MultiSafepay is one of our trusted partner in providing merchants with the right payment methods, tools and features that create a flawless checkout process. Whether a merchant […]

The Importance of Web Reviews for Businesses

Advertorial SEO & Growth Hacking

Web reviews enjoy a huge popularity today among masses and have a powerful impact on the decision-making process when one thinks to acquire a specific product or service. This trend is boosted by low trust in marketing campaigns that often say something and do another thing, while buyers can provide to each other authentic information […]

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