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At Mobiteam we create the webdesign & web development for your webshop. But what is a well designed and developed eCommerce platform without a secure and optimized checkout? MultiSafepay is one of our trusted partner in providing merchants with the right payment methods, tools and features that create a flawless checkout process. Whether a merchant sells products locally or all over Europe, MultiSafepay helps merchants to compile a personalized payment package that is specifically suited to their business needs, their target audience and their growth ambitions.

Conversion tools and payment methods

Today’s consumers expect instant gratification, any delay could impact the user experience and diminish customer satisfaction. For this reason, it is important to provide the merchant with the right tools & features that take care of a flawless customer journey. MultiSafepay offers a wide mix of payment methods and tools to enhance the conversion and deliver a fast checkout.


Second chance

This tool gives the consumer a second chance to complete an abandoned transaction on a webshop. When the consumer does not complete the transaction, he/she will receive an email reminder of the payment with a direct link to the checkout. The consumer can quickly go back to the page and complete their order.

Multi-currency and multi-lingual

Many merchants also provides their offering internationally. For payment solutions that crosses borders, MultiSafepay offers services that enable merchants to easily operate their online business in other countries and currencies. As a result, international online consumers can pay in their own currency and with their trusted language. Providing online consumers with the possibility of paying with a recognizable currency may result in increased conversions, as it generates trust when finalizing a purchase.

In house-development

MultiSafepay develops all their software in-house to provide merchants with the latest innovations and qualified internal technical support. To shed light on in-house development, we asked Berend Lantink ‘Head of Tech’ how can in-house development influence online retailers:
‘By developing our software in-house, we are able to respond faster to adjustments, innovations and improvements for our merchants. Considering there are no communication lines with outsourced companies, we have an efficient and time effective way of working. Next to this, we have a true understanding of what specific requirements are necessary to provide our merchants with a tightly knit customer journey for their webshop. And if support is needed, we are immediately available to help our merchants out!’

Highest security standards

Besides developing their software in-house, MultiSafepay also internalizes the whole risk-management process. MultiSafepay risk team is devoted to harbor a safe payment environment, it is able to screen threats, new webshops and transactions, making data transparent and insightful. As a result, MultiSafepay can handle security threats fast and maintain a bulletproof network.


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