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If you’re in marketing, you know that sometimes, reporting can be tiresome and time-consuming. Although it’s an essential part of one’s job, copy-pasting numbers from one spreadsheet to another can distract you from work that you get paid for: managing projects, brainstorming campaign ideas, and such.

If you want to level up your reporting game, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s article, you’ll learn why reporting matters, how to overcome its difficulties, and prepare insightful, valuable reports. We’ve also got a special offer for those who have been considering getting an automated reporting tool for a while, so stay tuned in!

Why reporting matters

Essentially, a marketing report is a document that contains data from multiple platforms and shows the performance of your marketing efforts.

However, reporting can consume a lot of your time: based on HubSpot’s research, an average marketing professional spends 16 hours a week to complete repetitive, manual tasks. Considering that it’s one-third of your week, is it worth preparing reports in the first place?

Yes, it is, and here’s why:

  1. To present all your data in one place to your boss and company executives in the fastest way. It’s one thing being excellent at what you do – it’s another thing to prove it. Your brilliant campaign idea may be working out just as you expected, yet, your CEO or a client may not see it in the same way. A well-prepared marketing report helps you show the work you’ve been doing. In a sense, it’s a way to prove the work you do matters.
  2. To help you connect the dots by seeing data from different sources in one location. It’s not only the clients or colleagues you’re creating reports for – it’s yourself, too. By having all the data in one place and comparing previous periods against the current one, you can see certain patterns and follow them.
  3. To help others in your company know about the performance of marketing. By building a report and providing context or comments, you can help non-marketers understand what’s going on better. This way, you can keep other teams up to date on present marketing performance and be in sync.

At this point, you might be thinking: “Alright, reporting is important. But should it take hours of my work?”

It shouldn’t – luckily, there are automated reporting tools that do the work for you.

Whatagraph, an automated marketing analytics reporting, and monitoring tool

To be more efficient, marketing professionals use automated reporting services, one of such is Whatagraph. All you have to do is connect your sources once and the tool will take on from there.

The tool offers pre-made reporting templates: you can create reports for individual channels or blend data from multiple sources. Even if you’ve got a ton of data from different channels, Whatagraph will organize it and present the complex numbers in a lovely-looking report. This way, any non-marketing person can read and interpret the data without getting bored.

Currently, Whatagraph has 30+ integrations with Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, HubSpot, and other top marketing services.

Special offer: get Whatagraph with 15% off, valid until March 11, 2021

To continue their mission of helping businesses manage their data, Whatagraph is currently offering their service with 15% off for the first three months for a limited time only. They aim to make marketing professionals fall in love with data and the reporting process altogether.

Sign up for a 7-day trial here and try the tool for free today – you’ll have an entire week to try and decide whether the tool is right for you!

The offer is valid until March 11, 2021.


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