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How to Transform Brands through Web Development – Techniques & Methods

Web Development

In this new digital age, customers heavily depend on the­ internet to gather information about products and se­rvices before making any purchasing decisions. This explains why it’s important to have a strong online presence for your business. The role of Web Development in Brand Transformation Web de­velopment plays a crucial role in the transformation and […]

Web Development Frameworks You Should Follow in 2021-2022

Web Development

Out of many web development frameworks that currently exist, few of them manage to enjoy the deserved popularity in 2021. Things won’t change pretty much in the following years as well since making a web framework or a web technology popular requires time for an entire generation to like, learn and apply the knowledge. here […]

Why Mobiteam GmbH Is A Top Web Design Agency in Hamburg

SEO & Growth Hacking Web Development

Mobiteam GmbH is already known for its unique design styles, professional web development, and excellent communication history. Since 2012 the company has delivered on average 30 projects a year projects for SMEs, Government Agencies, Embassies, Libraries, and Non-Profit Organizations. Mobiteam had 3 exits in the US and UK with its grassroots startups. The latest startup […]

Why WordPress is still #1 CMS in Berlin in 2019

Web Development

Since it’s release back in 2003, WordPress has become the most popular Content Management System (CMS) and conquered all the markets step by step with huge explosions of popularity within the web development & web design industry due to its features and flexibility. So nowadays we come to see that more than 30% of the […]

Web Development in 2020: Predictions and Trends

Web Development

As the web industry is in continuous development and technology evolves each year, the web development segment is also moved by these events and leads to the future progress of this sector.  And as 2020 is not so far away, the trends and predictions for the future of web development and programming, in particular, can […]

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