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Mobiteam GmbH is already known for its unique design styles, professional web development, and excellent communication history. Since 2012 the company has delivered on average 30 projects a year projects for SMEs, Government Agencies, Embassies, Libraries, and Non-Profit Organizations. Mobiteam had 3 exits in the US and UK with its grassroots startups. The latest startup endeavor is TechBehemoths – the largest IT directory to connect projects with reputable IT Companies regardless of their size and location.

But in addition to that, there are plenty of things that make the German Web Agency a leading one in both Hamburg and Berlin.

#1 Client-oriented communication

The core of all successful businesses is the ability to deliver the right message to your partners, clients. At the same time communication is the first step in any business process and the case of Mobiteam GmbH, it’s essential to go into details and help the clients take the right decision and reveal any improvements and options they have especially when it comes to digital solutions for businesses.

Meeting and listening is the initial stage and is also mentioned in the work process. It is about understanding the business goal, where did it come from, and how does the client sees further development.

The second important step within communication is helping the client break down their project requirements, and be as explicit as possible with the desired result. This step may include multiple iterations and it helps to estimate the costs and human resources needed for the project. It is important to be as precise as possible since this step precedes the offer submission.

Yet, communication continues even after the project is submitted and approved, including in the design and development phase, and definitely after the project is delivered.

Clients and partners have the chance to meet Mobiteam GmbH’s Project Manage directly in Hamburg, discuss and have a workshop about your project requirements, business details, and desired results – taking together the first steps in the communication process.

Based on numerous testimonials and feedback from clients, it is clear that everyone enjoyed the communication and consulting services from Mobiteam. One of the most challenging projects that happened recently, in the pandemic and was successfully delivered, allowed Mobiteam to collect valuable yet honest feedback that confirms the smooth communication process clients have. Sonke Kreft, the Executive Director of Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII) mentions that “Especially in times of COVID-19, with the absence of travel and in-person meetings, Mobiteam has shown creativity and provided all necessary support and consultancy using efficient communication channels and possibilities to enable transparent and straightforward feedback loops.”

#2 User-friendly Web Design

Mobiteam GmbH has a tradition of creating custom web designs on all platforms and for multiple types of businesses. A unique feature in Mobiteam’s design process is permanent communication with the client. Everything is double-checked and standardized according to clients’ requirements.

The design process at Mobiteam GmbH includes three rounds of design adaptation – where clients change and the web design department executes according to requirements.
Mobiteam web design specialists use the styles, icons, colors, and accents as agreed with the client, but at the same time, their opinions and recommendations are based on UX.

Also, web design is one of the most complex stages and processes that defines the reputation of any web agency. Always being between creativity, deadlines, project requirements, and user experience it is important to deliver the best result that will satisfy everybody.

The toolbox used for UI/UX design includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Sketch, and more. Everything depends on the project and the best solutions to present the project. The last phase of the web design process is validation, which means that all decisions are taken and there are no changes.

Based on Mobiteam experience Hamburg-based partners and clients have a more industrial and engineering business approach, which means that their expectations are precise including in terms of web design.

#3 Advanced Web Development

Coming back from how Hamburg-based clients and partners compared to Berlin-based clients and partners, the differences are highlighted even more when it comes to web development. Precision and knowledge are something typical for people located in Hamburg, and that’s specifically what Mobiteam GmbH delivers since the beginning of 2021 in this specific region as well.

Briefly, Mobiteam web developers are specialized in surpassing clients’ expectations when it comes to the technical part. They have managed to do that in Berlin since 2012 and they are doing this in Hamburg for a while now. Not to mention external projects from abroad or other regions where Mobiteam delivers and projects.

However, the specific platforms Mobiteam web developers deliver, and technologies they use include WordPress, Drupal, PHP, Laravel, Vue.Js, and more. The team understands from the very beginning the project requirements and can provide a series of solutions adjusted to either budget or requirements, and both of them.

As a supporting argument for the above-mentioned attributes and credits Mobiteam web development team has, Sebastian Teo Popa of BohemiaAmsterdam mentions that: Mobiteam is able to adjust, innovate, and tailor solutions for each project, delivering a high-quality end product, that meets both our expectations and the expectations of our clients.
Furthermore, Mobiteam employs the latest technologies, not only from the development point of view but also from the communication point of view. Even though we never met face to face, our teams seamlessly merged, having a clear and organized vision of the projects.
I am confident about the services Mobiteam delivers and I can wholeheartedly recommend them, as we will continue our collaboration for future projects.


Who would have thought that a top Berlin-based web agency enters in full force the Hamburg IT market from the leading position and surpasses the traditional IT companies located there for a long time. Having a trustful and experienced team in there, ready to meet at any time, online or in our office. But, to think again, the IT market is based on innovation, and those who innovate lead. The recent events turned out to make public that Mobiteam is a top web design and development company in Hamburg according to TechBehemoths rigorous criteria


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