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It’s been already 2 years since we last time posted about the German digital industry, and it’s time to recap and update the information about it. Mainly, because in two years things changed a lot, from lifestyle to working experience, everything turned to be different due to the “beloved” pandemic period, which has not yet come to an end. But this time, instead of talking about a specific branch of the IT industry, we will discuss it overall, with figures, data, and solid references.

#1 General Background

Germany is home to the single largest IT market in Europe – accounting for around a quarter of the European market by value. Innovation comes as standard in an industry-best characterized by a thriving of small and medium-sized enterprises. The wages in the IT industry are above average and are actually one of the best-paid sectors in Europe. The IT market in Germany is abundant with both foreign and local web agencies and companies that provide the entire spectrum of digital services.

In addition to all, more and more companies spawn in the country, and therefore, the market becomes more competitive and attractive for potential clients. But more important, Germany is a label of quality, and the provided services in the digital sector are demanded by foreign companies all over the world.

#2 Why You Should Choose German IT Companies & Web Agencies

The longstanding presence of tech giants increases the credibility rate of smaller IT companies in Germany, and also stimulates the spawn rate of young startups in this field. As a matter of fact, SME’s are the core of the German IT industry, since they produce and attract more than tech giants. Based on a report from Statista, in 2017 the number of IT companies in Germany was above 90K, and Berlin only – the most developed digital hub was the house of 38K+ IT companies. According to the same report, it is expected that by 2025 the numbers will triple.

However, the main reasons for working with German IT companies remain a good business culture, rich experience, and skilled professionals.

#3 What To Pay Attention When Working With German IT Companies

Now, of course, there are also things to pay attention to when working with IT companies based in Germany. The culture, communication, and general approach may be different. After all, the country has its own ecosystem where businesses progress a bit differently than in other countries.  According to research performed by TechBehemoths, it is difficult to choose a single tech partner for your digital project. Since there are almost 100K IT companies that are more or less similar to each other, it takes some time to decide which one is best for you.

According to the same research, another thing worth paying attention to is the difference between German IT companies and German-based IT companies.

German IT companies are more expensive, with persistent German business culture, and, act and work differently in some cases compared to the global business manners. On the other hand,  above-average German-based IT companies are more open, provide services for cheaper prices, and create the general business feeling you would get worldwide, with no specific cultural differences.

#4 How Reliable Are German IT Companies

On a scale from 1 to 10, Germany would take 10. And that’s due to the importance of reputation in most cases. Both German and German-based IT companies place their reputation in the first place since the client’s feedback and reviews are the most relevant indicators in choosing a service provider. This is why not so many companies would cheat on their clients to get more financial resources or anything else. In the long run, it turns that visibility combined with reputation is the biggest business growth stimulants.

However, there are still IT companies and web agencies that perform lower than others, and technically a weaker IT company is visible in the first place – if the communication or management is poor or worse, that it’s probably better to choose another one.

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