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Top Interviews: Johan Thorell – Harvard Business School Alumni

Top Interviews

The way up to the top is different for all of us, but what makes it so special is the length, difficulty, and experience. Johan Thorell, today’s Mobiteam guest, thinks that having the chance to learn and work with most talented people in the field you are developing, is a blessing that can speed up […]

Top Interviews: Reza Madjidi – Founder of kiwiHR

Top Interviews

Starting a successful HR platform is not an easy task, especially when confronting the financial crisis and you are running low on investors. But, with a great partner and a lot of effort, patience, and ambition Reza, the founder of kiwiHR, succeeded to launch, maintain and grow what it is today one of the biggest […]

Top Interviews: Lisa Hilterhaus – Recruiter at adjoe

Top Interviews

Recruiting in the tech industry is not as easy as it may seem, but joining a startup from the very beginning and growing it along the time, is for sure challenging. Either because it takes a lot of time, patience, investment, efforts but most of all passion – for a successful startup it is essential […]

Top Interviews: Michael Hebenstreit – Founder & CEO MH Themes

Top Interviews

WordPress is an overflowing and rich industry with a huge number of startups. If in any other industry everybody tries to innovate and bring to the public unusual ideas, in WordPress successful startups require a lot of creativity & resources. Due to this, tens out of millions resist the stress test and can be named […]

Top Interviews: Nina Buffi – CTO at Ospin GmbH

Top Interviews

No matter the field a startup is, there are always challenges on the road to success that need to be surpassed. This is why on Mobiteam Top Interviews we reveal the most promising business models and people behind it. From founders, executives, to top managers  – the stories behind these startups can be told by […]

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