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Small and medium web agencies don’t get a lot of trust from potential customers for various reasons. For instance:

  • a small number of employees,
  • little experience,
  • lack of reliability,
  • a limited number of clients, or
  • because they simply cannot be found on the internet

But wait! All these are business stereotypes that cannot impact the ultimate result web agencies deliver to their clients:

  1. A small number of employees does not mean they have limited possibilities – professional web designers and developers rather work in medium or small groups than large ones, so they can focus and sync better;
  2. Little experience doesn’t make them unprofessional but tells more about a caring attitude towards their projects, and if you can’t find them easy on the internet (call them boutique, if you want) it is because big companies invest more in marketing than invest in professionals & tech.

Also, don’t forget that all big web agencies started as a small one, and they went through all this process, but most important, most of today’s big agencies lost their quality services over time.

As Mobiteam is a Top Web Development and Web Design Agency in Berlin, we’ll share our experience in the web industry and bring some light on why small & medium web agencies perform better than bigger ones, and what is the impact overall on both market and clients:

#The Younger the Agency is – the Higher the Quality

This trend is obvious in almost all industries and it’s available for the web sector as well. Either if we talk about the Tech Behemoths like Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon or Google, and other league players, we’ve noticed that at an early stage they provided services of a better quality and their efforts were directed more to user experience rather than to the profit, or at least it was not so visible until they reached the rank of unbeatable companies:

  • Windows 7 was the most successful OS,
  • Facebook until 2012 brought really useful features,
  • Google wasn’t involved in privacy scandals,
  • Amazon was loved more by customers until they extended their range of services.

The average timeframe of high-quality services offered by agencies & companies is 10-12 years, with some exceptions, so you either got an exceptional agency to work with or you better start looking for a small to a medium agency. To save your time on researches, consider Mobiteam: experienced in the web industry and exceptional quality services since 2014 that surpass even the biggest agencies. Thank us later.

#Small Teams Provide Better Results

How many people does it take actually to successfully deliver a project of any size?! Our experience shows that 3-10 people is more than enough to cover all tasks simultaneously and deliver in agreed terms even the biggest project a web design & development an agency can handle.

The benefit of small teams:

  • is the perfect sync,
  • way better focus on tasks and fast development that will save money for their clients
  • Easier and direct communication, no overhead managers and bureaucracy

If it is to compare a 10+ professionals web development & design agency with a similar one that has a team of 20 or more, from obvious reasons the first one will deliver the project 30% faster and save up to 40% clients’ money. In this case, you won’t be feeding an entire corporation with your projects but instead, save time & finances to invest in your business development. Wise!

#Genuine Business Solutions & More Development Opportunities

What most web development and web design agencies provide are websites, and everything related to them, which means you have a business tool to work your way through. That’s great, but never enough.

With big companies things usually work this way: you give them the tasks – they deliver, and that’s all. Or one more thing – they will “milk” you for additional services and keeping you the hostage of their company. You get my point, I guess.

Small to medium web development agencies offer business consultancy services that proved to be efficient and can help you bring something totally new on the market. In other words, each task is discussed and debated, the project is connected with marketing strategies and is developed to serve both the client and its market.

A small to medium agency will bend over to deliver, to convince and stand out of the crowd. Mark my words! This way, you earn a business partner that makes sure of both, his high-quality services and clients well-planned marketing strategy. Also, if you change your mind in the middle of the project and development process and want some functionalities removed, added or modified, it’s easier to turn around a boat with 10 people than a ship with 30.

Ultimately, there is enough arguments to support your choice, whatever it would be, but make sure you don’t transform them into excuses after you get your project done. Mobiteam strongly recommends to choose carefully, and remember that not all big web agencies are top web agencies. Or, as they say, not everything that glitters is gold.

Greetings from Berlin



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