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For a long time, we considered to share our marketing experience with our clients, and there are a lot of reasons to do that. After giving second thoughts, we decided to take this step and share insights about our working process. The decision comes to help our readers & clients to better understand the struggles, to put more light on what are the aspects of working for & with digital marketing clients. For obvious reasons, we will not disclose any names and companies.

When we talk about marketing, Mobiteam has proven its high-end services throughout the entire process: from planning to strategy implementation and ultimately maintaining great performance after the targets were achieved. This happens also because we use clear & well-defined strategies and follow strict but still creative guidelines that allow providing long-lasting results. What a better example can one give if not his own results? That is why you will find Mobiteam on Google’s Page 1 & Position 1 for the query “Top Webdesign Agency in Berlin”.

The process itself is always based on interaction and mutual feedback, so that both our client and our marketing department can implement the best ideas that were commonly agreed for the best performance and outcome.


1st Phase:  Getting In Touch

Fortunately, we are always contacted by business owners, executives & heads of marketing that know what they want or have a well-established marketing goal, with multiple realistic targets. But not always. Some clients have a very vague idea about their project. And that’s fine as well. We help them as well.

Another thing that we are grateful to our clients for is that they don’t like to lose time, both ours and theirs – as they say – the time is money, no matter how you analyze this statement. Permanent & systematic communication between our clients and us, speed up the terms of project execution and provide an up-to-date roadmap that needs to be followed – and these are just a few benefits to mention.

Regularly the contact is established by a detailed inquiry sent by email, phone call or in person meeting in Germany or Europe, where all the important details are mentioned:

  • Business type
  • Market specifications
  • Goal
  • Examples
  • Project Breakdown
  • Project Requirments
  • Technical aspects
  • Future vision
  • Competition
  • Targets
  • Terms of the project.

Even though most of our clients contact us by email, we are also happy with those clients that give us a direct call or use our contact form placed on our home page. It is really important to provide a UX solution, especially because we provide digital business services, for any type of client and/or project, the reason for which we diversified the ways we can be contacted.

To tell you the truth, we deliver a couple of projects with 4 iterations only. The client sends a clear project breakdown and description, based on it we created the design. The client then approved it and afterward, we started the tech development. Obviously, such cases aren’t often, but they happen to be indeed.

After analyzing the project proposal, the Head of Design and Head of Development Team may either send another email for more clarifications or require a call with the client where terms will be discussed and a connection with the client will be established.


2nd Phase: The Call Means All

Having a call with the client is a critical, absolutely vital stage of the working process. It defines the rhythm, approach, and sets the general feeling on how the entire collaboration will work. As mentioned at the end of the previous step, the call is the connection establishment step, where both parties will have a detailed communication about specific requirements, precise targets, the timeframe of project execution, budget talks, experience with other companies if that’s the case, and of course, risks & benefits.

Yes, we do a lot of business consulting when working with a client, and always try to find the best solution out of the many options available. The common interest of both parties is to reach an agreement that works fine for all and start working on the project together without wasting time and their money. Aside from everything else, the main goal of the call is to get a solid understand about the project, a pleasant human connection and a starting point for our new project.

Although we must agree that it may be necessary to have more than one call, depending on each individual situation, and this is perfectly understandable, we strongly recommend to follow best business practices and get everything done in 1-3 calls, before the working process starts. The logical step that follows next, is giving the quote and approximate the value of the project.


3rd Phase: Precise Evaluation & Agreement

After achieving a common result accepted by both parties, our marketing team starts the analysis process, where each service selected by the client is attributed to specific digital marketing category, and a price tag is attached depending on the difficulty, the number & complexity of tasks and other service specifications.

This process requires special attention, as there is no standard price, and every case is individually tailored and calculated for each module, functionality, and project: for Mobiteam is important to deliver the project fully and each option that will improve the outcome is worth to be mentioned and properly introduced to the client.

Immediately after the evaluation is complete and sent to the client, we expect an email or call where the budget is confirmed, signed & the project is ready to go. For each project, there is always a Project Manager that will be in permanent touch with the client. The design, tech and marketing team behind him, will work to deliver the project in its best shape, expected timeframe and according to the agreement.

As you can imagine, each project is so individual. We can’t replicate 1 to 1 the same model to each client. There are flawless executions. This is more common among our agency clients, who know very well how a website is designed and developed and work accordingly. But there are also individual clients or companies who are creating a new website, new platform, new mobile app, and they need assistance, support, and understanding. Which they say, we offer, and go beyond that.

From time to time, we are losing also money on projects. And that’s because of our too optimistic forecast and estimation or the initial agreement we have had with the client. No matter what – we have never changed the agreement during the process. What is agreed is agreed. We do that to keep our reputation untouchable and have the client happy and appreciated our professionalism.

No matter what type of project we work on, the process is always supervised by our CEO, Marcel Sobieski, and you will feel it when he joins the project. Leading by experience and common sense. And that’s crucial in a business.


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