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Why Your SME Needs HR Software

Founders should stop worrying about keeping expenses low and be focusing on their business.  Keeping expenses to a minimum won’t reduce your costs when starting a business. While it may seem rational to keep as many expenses to a minimum as possible while you grow, it is also important to make room in your budget […]

4 Ways To Increase Your Newsletter Open Rate

The harsh truth about email marketing is that almost no one opens newsletter, which means it has a low open rate and many business owners that use email marketing confronted this problem and still do.  From 1000 emails sent, around 10% open it, but for most marketers and industries the number goes even lower as […]

My Communication Daily Routine and the German University in Cairo

I am used to getting daily calls and emails from my clients as well as new inquiries who are asking for our help to build their websites, eCommerce platforms, web design or marketing activities. Working at one of the best Web Design Agencies in Berlin and Germany, that is a normal practice. To put in […]

Web Development in 2020: Predictions and Trends

As the web industry is in continuous development and technology evolves each year, the web development segment is also moved by these events and leads to the future progress of this sector.  And as 2020 is not so far away, the trends and predictions for the future of web development and programming, in particular, can […]

Top 3 Ways on How to Advertise Your Business Online

If any business is started and or is connected to the web, a high priority is given to advertising. Classic marketing ways and strategies don’t have the same impact as they did 10 years ago, and everything has moved to the internet – consumers, market, competition, they are all there.  The process of “giving a […]

Why Web Design is a Good Career Choice

In the digitalized era we live now every company regardless of the industry needs a performance-based website that offers a great user experience and increases the conversion rate. The high demand for high-end websites makes youngsters and professionals take into consideration the web design career.  But for sure there are more benefits than simply the […]

Why You Should Combine Paid and Organic Social Media Activity

Sometimes the best strategy for social media advertising seems to be paid/sponsored posts. At least one out of 5 businesses applied or had a serious thought about paid social media advertising. Most of the time, the results were under the expectations, and ultimately gave up to sponsored posts.  The real issue with low (er) results […]

Design Research: 3 Mistakes That Lead To Worse User Experience

Design is not an easy task, especially when working with business owners that are not sure of themselves or don’t know what they want. But hey, this is why a designer is paid for, right?! Among their most regular tasks most often there are market analysis and specifications, user’s behavior so that they could provide […]

Top Interviews: Reza Madjidi – Founder of kiwiHR

Starting a successful HR platform is not an easy task, especially when confronting the financial crisis and you are running low on investors. But, with a great partner and a lot of effort, patience, and ambition Reza, the founder of kiwiHR, succeeded to launch, maintain and grow what it is today one of the biggest […]

When Content Crosses UX

If you are reading a lorem ipsum text on a website, you will perceive the entire website as incomplete. But it’s not about only lorem ipsum on websites, but in most of the cases, it is about the quality of the content on any type of website. This is determined by a series of indicators […]

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