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By 2022 all respectable websites are using interactive elements for various purposes. These interactive elements are a part of Interactive web design – a design process focused on enhancing user experience through interactive elements. For 2022, Interactive web design will rule the internet, as more business owners focus on user retention, reduced bounce rates, and, engaging user experience. 

But let’s take a closer look at what is Interactive Web Design, its history, and the reasons why it emerged. 

Interactive Web Design – History and Timeline

It may be that Interactive Web Design started with the occurrence of web design itself, back in 1994. The few websites that existed back then such as Yahoo! had a web page with naked elements such as text and basic icons that users could interact with. 

At that moment, it was everything one could design, and make users interact with. The main call to action was information itself and if we take a look at Google search results, it’s pretty similar to how things look back then

In 2004, 10 years later, web design evolved and eventually became more interactive with a detailed graphic representation and a better user experience. You could interact with multiple elements in different ways – on hover or clicking on them. In their turn elements changed their behavior when you interacted with them

After another 10 years, Interactive Web Design progressed to what we see today on many websites: responsive, dynamic, colorful (or not), and engaging.  But 2014 was only the beginning of the Interactive Web Design revolution, as innovation and creativity lead it to make websites fun and playful. User experience became finally smooth, enjoyable, and brought up to the light opportunities to make an interactive element explain an entire concept, website, or tool. 


Interactive Web Design – a Recurring Trend in 2022

Interactive Web Design has always been a trend ever since it appeared even if it had different shapes and was limited by technology. Starting with small elements that change, move and react, up to entire pages that look and behave differently, users always liked a well-placed idea that enhances their experience. 

In 2022, Interactive Web Design is more possible than ever. It is yet the most affordable way to showcase your abilities, products, and services to customers. At the same time, it’s the best way to explain anything in just a fraction of a second. 

Website Optimization with Interactive Web Design

Another reason why Interactive Web Design is a trend in 2022 is optimization. Even if animations and interactive elements cause a high load on websites, designers use Interactive Web Design to optimize the processes and replace multiple non-interactive elements with fewer interactive ones. If designed correctly, an interactive website design can bring to conversion a user in 1-2 interactions. So, the saying buy in 1 click is happening as you read this blog post. 

It is extremely profitable for websites with minimalist designs to implement interactive elements and save the style, space and comfort the user is looking for, and the number of such websites is growing each day. 

Pros of Interactive Web Design in 2022

Interactive web design can come with a series of bonuses for your website. When we added several more interactive elements here at Mobiteam, the results were visible from the first day. Users spend more time on our website, explore the elements, play with them, and dive deeper into the website with a better first impression compared to the period before the redesign.  This leads us to the first pro of Interactive website design

Higher Conversion Chances

By implementing wise the interactive web design, you can gain those clients that refuse to navigate your website previously. The changes are proof of expertise in web design. There is no better place to show what you are good at than your own website. So think of Interactive Web Design as a strategy that will make people convince and trust your design abilities. 

Feels Up to Date

As I mentioned previously, most of the respectful websites in 2022 already have an interactive design, and the only thing to do is to enter the league. Interactive web design simply gives another vibe to any visitor, even if it’s not a potential client. We are all in 2022 and we should look respectively.

Enhances traffic and backlinks

Almost all types of businesses are focused on spreading the word around about them, their services, products, and so on. Well, Interactive Web Design does help a lot. Among all visitors your website has, there are as well other designers, enthusiasts, business owners that are ready and willing to share your website inside their community – and that’s traffic. 

As for backlinks, if your content is great but your design doesn’t meet expectations, then many could avoid giving you the vote and link to someone else instead. Another way to earn backlinks with Interactive Web Design is to be nominated, and win awards such as we did just at the beginning of 2022. 

Final Words

Interactive Web Design can help you boost your website and/or business online, but just like any other change, it can also provoke the opposite effect. That’s why the best you can do from the very beginning is to team up with someone specialized in Interactive Web Design. 


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