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In 2022 almost all businesses we know are online. They either have a website or a social media page where we can find them. Indeed, most of them are not newcomers to the web and they all started somehow. So, if you are reading this, it means your business is about to join the club. 

 Every year comes with new updates and requirements for businesses to get a website. For example in 2020 when the pandemic started business owners were running for any web design agency that could create a website in a short period. More time would have meant more losses for a business, and web design trends were not so important to follow in many cases of new websites. 

In 2022 we can already say that businesses are already going back to normal, and new websites appear just like they did in 2019 or before. However, technology has advanced, the trends changed, and web agencies, as well as freelancers, changed their rates depending on a series of factors.  That’s why before your business goes online in 2022 you should be aware of these important things: 

#1 Set Up a Budget

The budget is the starting point when considering your business should go online, but it’s not so simple to estimate all the costs upfront. To correctly set up your budget for a website, consider first of all the domain and hosting. After goest the design and development phase, maintenance, and add an extra 10-15% of the entire cost to features you would like to have or need.  For example, after a website is launched, you see how it finally looks and you want to perform minor changes with the call to action button, or page sections. That’s time that needs to be paid.

Marketing and content optimization are also predictable costs if you won’t do it yourself, so consider these services eventually, and how much you are ready to invest in them. From an agency perspective, the client always needs a website that is easy to work with, control, and manage without too much effort. While it is correct to have such expectations, you need to learn just a bit more about what is the best solution for your business. 

#2 Choose the recommended framework for your website

A little research about what frameworks suit your type of business is highly recommended in 2022. It’s been a while since WordPress was a universal digital solution for all sorts of businesses, and now, you need to understand why a medium-large business would run rather on Laravel. Or what features each backend dashboard has, and which ones you need the most. Web technologies have advanced in 2022 and provide better solutions for a slightly different price range. Sometimes it’s better to invest a little more and get easy life with your website. 

Here at Mobiteam for example, our clients get a free consultation about the best development and design solution for a website’s requirements. Sometimes optimization is more important than design features, other times the design does the trick and interactive elements have priority. Don’t overthink about it too much, and get some help. 

#3 Follow the web design trends

A website in 2022 should look like 2022. Get to know how other new websites from your niche are done, and what your competitors look like. Research globally and identify what elements you would like to see on your website. Not all web design trends change every year – so you must understand what you want before talking about design.

The basic stuff a web designer needs from a client are: Topic, functionalities, colors, and a mood board that you can get by simply collecting what you like and want. Once you share this, we will take it from there and make sure the end product is unique and looks better than you imagined. 

#4 Make sure you have the content

Content is vital for any website. The design cannot sell without content and the other way around. Websites do come naked, and in most cases, the design adapts to the content. So by the time you talk about the website, the content should be already done. 

Depending on how large the website is, you should start making the content as early as possible. Taking into account that a website is usually ready in 2-5 months, consider writing the last line before the design starts. In this way, you will flexible enough to negotiate the design part, and have time to prepare for take-off. 

#5 Meet. Talk. Listen

Throughout the project, communication is the wire that connects everything mentioned above. It’s better to decide together most of the things regarding a website, and you’ll find a lot of help at Mobiteam. The best part about communication during the project are the ideas that come from an experienced team, and the way how you can change your views about your business. 

To learn more about how to get ready for a website in 2022, check out the work process


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