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WordPress is an open source program that is taking over the Web. This blogging platform is deeply loved by web design programmers and developers, and if you take a look at the numerous blogging platforms that are popular on the Internet these days, you will see that almost forty percent of blogs created are hosted on the WordPress platform. Even Google’s Blogspot platform cannot hold a candle to WordPress.

WordPress is one of the easiest content management systems out there; it has a perceptive interface, which makes the frequent addition of new pages, images, or blog posts  easy to implement. The simple technology of WordPress reduces the time spent on formatting to a very large extent.

But why is WordPress so dearly beloved? Other platforms are out there, some even with better features than WordPress; and yet, web developers stick to using WordPress. We were able to dig up ten reasons why we love and use WordPress, and why you will love it, too!

1.   WordPress is a Free Open Source Program

The WordPress program is free to use because it is an open source program; therefore, a lot of webmasters are capitalizing on that to add WordPress to their websites. This attribute also grants users the opportunity to use its source code, and with the vast community of people using the platform, you will be able to find help easily regarding anything you need. It is an excellent alternative to use if you don’t want to spend a lot of money buying expensive software like Dreamweaver.

2.   Easy Installation

WordPress is so easy to install, that even a newbie can set it up in about fifteen minutes. Some web hosting companies like BlueHost can help you to upload it on your server with just one click, but you could choose to download WordPress and then upload it to your server all by yourself. All you need to do is pay attention to, and follow, the simple guidelines, and your website will be live on your server within thirty minutes after installation.

3. Search Engines are in Love with WordPress

Okay, that sounds a bit funny, but it is the truth. The leading search engines, like Google and other top search engines, simply love blogs. With the rapidly changing rules and regulations of indexing, search engines seem to have a tendency to always index blogs more efficiently. The reason for this is because every page, image, or post has its meta tags, titles, and description, all of which can be optimized for identifiable keywords. These keywords are the bedrock upon which search engine optimization lies within WordPress blogs. You are even allowed to use tags that will boost your search engine optimization rankings. Websites that are based on WordPress (which is mainly a blogging software) stand a better chance of getting indexed as they utilize the authority of blogs in the major search engines.

4. WordPress Themes

Lots of websites with free themes are available. You can use any of the free themes to make your blog look outstanding from the myriad of blogs out there. Most of these themes are easily customizable, and you can take advantage of the themes and customize your choice around your brand. You are free to either use the free themes, or go for the paid or premium ones. The premium themes look much more professional and unique, but it’s your choice. Either way, you get to make your WordPress blog, and your brand, look exceptional.

5. WordPress Add-ons and Plugins

WordPress plugins and add-ons make it stand out from others in its class. A majority of these plugins and add-ons can be found freely available on the Internet Most of them will meet whatever requirements you have. There are over twenty thousand WordPress plugins, and a majority of them can be installed quickly. All you have to do is move over to the plugins section on your blog, select “Add New”, and then look for the plugin that you want to install.  You can do all these with just a few clicks.

Do you want your blog posts to be picked up by Google and other top search engines as soon as you publish it? Well, savvy bloggers or webmasters make use of the Google SML Site Map plugin to index their articles almost as soon as it is released. These blog posts can then be found as soon as any user searches for topics related to the posted content. The search engine spiders will get to work immediately seeking out relevant content, and can have it indexed within hours. That is just one of the numerous benefits of WordPress plugins, and you can’t find such plugins anywhere else.

Don’t speak or understand the English language? No problem. There is a powerful WordPress plugin which is being utilized in different countries around the world where the English language is not spoken. WordPress can be used by almost anyone in their mother tongue as it is available in over fifty different languages. Plugins also make WordPress easier to modify as you can use them to make changes on your calendar as well as other functionalities.

6. Easy content management

To use WordPress, you do not need to be a web programmer or know a lot of codes. If you are relatively proficient at using Open Office or Microsoft Word, that means you are good enough to use WordPress. The built-in word processor has all the functions you need that will assist you anytime you need to manage, add, or edit your blog content efficiently without any form of complications.

7.  Seamless Navigation

One of the ranking dynamics on search engines like Bing and Google is how seamless visitors navigate from one page to the next on your site. With WordPress, you can insert custom navigable menus, thereby creating an excellent, unified structure which will ultimately lead to high search rankings. The WordPress platform allows you to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible.

8. WordPress is Mobile friendly

A lot more people are using their mobile devices and smartphones to access the Internet these days, and any competent online marketer knows that taking advantage of this trend will be excellent for business. And what better method can you employ to drive traffic from search engines to your blogs or site than WordPress? WordPress is a responsive and mobile-friendly platform which you can utilize profitably.

What if you notice that your website is not as mobile responsive as it should be? Then consider moving your site to WordPress and take advantage of all the possibilities that are resident in the open source platform. You can hire the services of professional web developers who would ensure that the themes you choose to use are as responsive as it should be.

9. Supports Multiple Users

You can set up or create a multiple-user platform on a WordPress site as the administrator. This is important if you need help in running your business via WordPress without relinquishing complete control to the other users. WordPress enables you to assign various access levels with different rights of accessibility. WordPress boasts five different job settings which are set to varying degrees of functionality. These users can handle any issues like writing, reading, editing, and posting content while others can make other changes.  You don’t even need the services of professional website designers to help you in making updates on your site; WordPress puts you in total control, except when you choose to assign tasks to your employees. You will be free to set about doing other things to enhance your business

10.  Accessibility

Anywhere you are in the world, as long as you can lay your hands on a computer with Internet access, you can access your WordPress site. This implies that you still retain your full administrative control over whatever is done on the WordPress site, as you can make any changes that you want at anytime without being in your home or office. You can do this because you WordPress site will always be available online and adapts to any of the myriads of web browsers out there.

So, there you have it; ten good reasons why we love WordPress. Of course, there are other reasons as well, such as having no need for FTP software, and no HTML editing is required.  This is because WordPress, as a self-contained system, does not need HTML software for editing. This implies that you can post, format text, get images, add documents, and even upload videos without the need of FTP or HTML software. You know the reasons why we love WordPress, and now we want to hear why you do, too!



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