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With all the situation outside, many of us have been forced to work from home, and thus, change their habits, interact more with family, but at the same time stay productive and do mainly the same work they would have done in the office.

When Mobiteam decided to enter the #WorkFromHome period, the team was not so thrilled about it because working from home takes an extra effort to remain as productive as in the office, at least for some of us. Now, after two months of remote work, we can draw some lines and say what was good and how the Pandemic influenced us by working remotely. In this article, we will talk about the 3 most visible benefits of remote work based on Mobiteam experience

#1 More Time For More Tasks

Basically, working from home gives you more time to work and organize your tasks. We are not wasting time on transportation, and also, we don’t pay attention to what time we are finishing our workday. This gives us several additional hours to work and handle all the jobs we have to do during the day.

Also, working remotely allows us to increase our productivity and perform better at individual tasks. As time is the most valuable resource, it’s good when we have it and use it wisely.

On the other hand, it takes some time to find the perfect balance between work and other activities while working remotely, and the first 2-3 days were the most difficult ones. For a top web design agency like Mobiteam, the lockdown offered us the chance to work from a different perspective and at the same time to discover innovative solutions for our partners and clients

#2 Improved Communication

It’s not that we didn’t communicate with each other and with clients efficiently previously, but working remotely boosted the communication and made it more often. Whether it’s Slack, Zoom, or other tools, we are always keeping in touch and having focused-on-project talks, which again, increases productivity.

The reasons behind this are two:

  1. The psychological aspect of the lockdown, which made us all more desirable of talking to each other and maintaining the same communication level as before.
  2. The individual aspect of Mobiteam – as we are launching soon several projects and focused on finishing others, and thus,  the need for being and keeping each other up to date is more intense and frequent.

On a side note, communication with Mobiteam and between our workgroups has always been easy and smooth, and this is another reason why Mobiteam is the top web design agency from Berlin.

#3 New Work Environment for New Ideas

For web agencies, creativity is a task, a feature, and an advantage. Changing the working environment is a recommendation for some key workers, but since working remotely is the best solution in this period, we all have a brand new look on the window which boosts our creativity and provides better results than usual.

Also, changing the working environment helps not only the creative staff but also our development team, since a different location can help clear the thoughts and organize your tasks better.

We consider that working remotely is only a matter of perspective, and having a positive attitude towards your work helps to be productive in any place, whether working remotely or from the office.


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