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Google is full of articles like this, indeed. Everybody is an expert and they all try to “help” you get your position higher on specific keywords you focus on. Some make good money on this, others are trying their luck, and only few can share the real story based on their experience of how they became famous on search engines. 

This article is more about the path to organic growth, and three main things that will help you on your way. Also, we will share today the story of Mobiteam, and reveal how we just made you reach and read this article. 

However, before starting you must understand that each case is unique and some techniques and tools may not help you as much as they helped Mobiteam to become a Top Web Design & Web Development Agency In Berlin. It’s mainly about adjustments and the correct use of what you have. It is also about planning and crafting your image. 

#1 Links

Links are essential for the healthy growth of your position on search engines, including Google. It often happens that everything you write is well-arranged, with a good focus on keywords, and even SEO plugins give you green light to publish the content on your page/website, but with all these, you are still not on the first page. 

What you need is actually find well-rated websites & pages that will bring you traffic, improve your domain authority and provide you some traction power. Links from related to your business field have a bigger impact, so you may want to connect with somebody that works in the same field and is popular. You can get links either by networking or simply giving something in exchange for them. It all depends on your skills and the number of places you can get the links from. 

Of course, there are some types of links you should avoid – lists and directories are penalized by search engines, and thus you get on your turn penalties. On the other hand, there is always at least one alternative that will help you. If you Google Top [your company type] in [the place where you intend to get clients & visitors] there is a high probability that you will hit on blog posts or websites that list these companies, with a detailed description, location, years of experience and so on. This is a good point to start with, and 1-10 links you can get only from there. 

Other link sources are advertising articles, a great way to let your audience know about your existence. People spend more time reading advertising articles without understanding that it’s such type of page. But to make them think this way, you have to connect your brand’s name with an informative article, useful and well-focused on keywords your potential audience use. 

A good link for your business you can also get on Mobiteam, by advertising your business and get real, interested and authentic traffic on your website. 

#2 Keywords

Keywords as well play an important role in ranking higher on search engines. If you don’t want to randomly get traffic based on unintended keywords you use in your content, you need to set the list of what and how your audience is searching for. If you use the exact combination in original and informative content, there is a high chance you will get praised by search engines and luckily hit the first page. 

Based on Mobiteam experience, it takes some time in finding the right combination of keywords and it is necessary to try different ways to combine them in several articles on the same topics to get a good result. But the hard work resulted in a good performance, and now, you can find us in top positions for many keywords: Just Google web design agencies in Berlin and for sure you can see us on top. People use this and other similar keywords to search for a top web design agency here, in Berlin. But as well in other places too. So this keyword may work as well for your business if you know how & where to put the right content. 

After you define the list of keywords you think it worths to focus on, you can start creating the content around them on your pages, and wait for the result. And you can always improve the result you get by time if you have decent links leading to your website or your page, and if you monitor the keywords and their statistics not only by searching on Google but also by using tools, such as Google Search Console.

#3 Tools

We are talking here about free to use tools, not paid or illegal. The ones you probably already know and use, and if you don’t  – you should. 

We recommend starting using the basic free tools provided by Google to monitor and analyze your results: Google Analytics & Google Search Console. 

Analytics lets you measure the entire traffic, and get into details about what happens with your website. As well, it reveals the results of your investment – links for example. You can easily see what links you invested in have good results and in which links you should not invest more time. But except this, Analytics can give you all insight data about traffic and you can use it to rethink your strategy or take specific actions at the right time to improve your performance

Google Search Console, on the other hand, is your main tool to monitor organic traffic, and its performance. Its main advantage is that you can see all information about your real page ranking, clicks, keywords & interrogations. In other words, it is a fully dedicated tool for organic traffic, and if it is used correctly you can easily build up your strategy and focus on your next keyword and combination to increase your position, your traffic, and your results. 

Still, the best solution to rank higher on Google remains Mobiteam. Our Marketing Team is ready to help all partners to increase their audience, acquire new markets and develop efficient strategies. Above all, we always help our partners until the end and consult them at the highest level to get the best outcome no matter what position they are. 


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