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Online Reputation Management is a key focus area of online marketers that take care of the brand’s reputation on the internet. If a business is present at all on the internet, then for sure it must be handled properly by digital marketing experts in order to improve and maintain the results of the brand’s name. Generally, the task is split into two parts:

  • solving online reputation issues,
  • constantly improving the existing online reputation.

For both parts, depending on the case and gravity smart & clear marketing strategies should be settled and implemented: in any type of good or bad reputation there is a multitude of strategies to turn the tables around and transform it into the opposite. As well, the majority of examples that are related to online reputation come from reviews on large specialized platforms. 

Mobiteam Digital Marketing Department tracked for a period of 6 months multiple study cases and implemented a variety of reputation scenarios, and, based on the results we received, here are 3 things you should know about handling your online reputation:

#1 Systematically track your online presence

On all search engines, social networks, public channels make some time to find your business, brand or any connection to it, for most businesses it’s vital. According to Mobiteam researches, a big number of companies are mentioned in web resources that business owners are not even aware of, and it’s not always a positive presence. The research revealed that businesses that prove to be competitive on specific market segments are being mentioned on duplicated social pages, fake review websites, and even are given negative feedback on existing review resources to influence client’s & target market decisions and as well to drive out traffic from the company/brand. So, lack of web presence monitoring may cost your business traffic, customers and resources.

#2 Mark your ground and inspire confidence

If you are a startup or a small business, or even a big business and you just decided to go online, then, you should know that defining your business and your market specifications are the best way to start your online reputation strategy. Ask yourself, what makes your business unique and how do you want to be found, by whom, and where. You know how your competition plays, but in the long term, you should play better to step out of the crowd. So, to make yourself noticeable, focus on specific areas, and topics, slowly, but sure, go for trusted online resources, that will provide your business convertible leads that will give you five stars reviews and positive feedback. Don’t try to be everywhere at the same time, it may be tricky, ruin your reputation before it is built and it’s hard to track all the places at once

#3 Satisfy users before they become your clients

Your web presence, first of all, should be accessible, user-friendly and with high-quality content, so that users that search products or services your business provides will find all the necessary information wherever they find you. By associating your brand’s image with your market’s demands, the business you own will grow faster and safer. So, if you are not sure if your website has the best design, all the right functionalities or a well-thought marketing strategy – you can find all these on Mobiteam, as our web design, web development and marketing experts are top specialists with more than 8 years on the market, and 40+ satisfied clients.

The real results of a well done online reputation management will appear, only after your business will overcome user’s expectation, and your business will receive positive feedback, that will inspire confidence in your brand.

In any way and at any time you decide to launch your business online: always check your status, set up your strategy and work hard for more results.  

Even though we are sure you can handle your business presence online, most business owners have limited human, financial & other resources, reason for which we invite you to take advantage of  professional services in Online Reputation Management provided by Mobiteam – The Top Web Design Agency from Berlin


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