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The harsh truth about email marketing is that almost no one opens newsletter, which means it has a low open rate and many business owners that use email marketing confronted this problem and still do. 

From 1000 emails sent, around 10% open it, but for most marketers and industries the number goes even lower as the open rate can differ from one market & industry to another. However, there are businesses that run campaigns where the open rate is up 30% or even higher – 50%

How do they do it, and why some marketers fail to do so? Well, Mobiteam’s marketing team analyzed this topic and has some tips  for you: 

What is Email Open Rate

Before going deeper, it is important to know what is Email Open Rate – it is a tool that helps you measure the success of your email campaigns, and it is usually provided by email marketing services. Most of the time there is information about the industry average open rate, and you can compare and analyze your results, with what other businesses in the same industry get.

#1 Optimise The Subject Line

The subject line is what decides whether your email goes to the trash bin, inbox, updates or promotions (if we speak about Gmail services). Mobiteam marketing department strongly recommends paying more time and attention when creating the subject line. Never use long, boring lines, with complicated words as it will not trigger your user to open it. 

Instead, use a short subject line, between 6 -10 words, descriptive enough, catchy and send a clear message to raise the curiosity of the recipients to read the content in your email. 

Also, don’t be afraid to use emojis so that your email could stand out of a full and busy inbox with unread emails. But, use it only if it’s the case, and your industry can be associated with emojis. If not  – Use the classic method. It will work fine. 

#2 Use Subheaders

Most of the email marketers don’t realize that services like Gmail allow users to see the first line of the email, and make the big mistake to start with “hello reader”. 

Instead of using a greeting sentence or phrase as a first sentence, try to summarize the entire email with it. Some email templates feature built-in subheaders, so pay attention and use them wisely. 

Also, subheaders work as a second trigger factor, so if you didn’t manage to trigger the user with the subject line you get a second chance with the subheader. For best performance, it is good not to miss both chances, but if the subject line failed, take full advantage of the subheader. 

#3 Avoid getting in spam or promotion folder. 


If you keep seeing zero, or low open rate for your email campaigns then there is a high probability that your emails were cleared by the spam filter.  

And the words that you write in your subject line first can actually make your email land in the spam folder. This is why Mobiteam experts identified a list of suspicious words that must be eliminated from the subject line at all costs.

If your subject contains words like “Free Money”, “Order Now”, “Special Promotion”, “Buy Direct” – you would not want them to send, because the spam filters clear these types of email and send them directly into the spam folder. 

Instead, try to use moderate words that can trigger as much as you think the blacklisted words would do. In this way, you will get in the inbox and look serious enough to be taken into consideration by your users. 

As well, try to encourage new users not to mark as spam your email to make sure they will continue to receive your emails at the right time. 

#4 Send The Campaigns At The Right Time

The timing for your newsletter has to be perfect in order to get the most out of it. Sending the newsletter on a wrong day and at the wrong time may lower your open rate significantly. 

A study has revealed that these days and hours are perfect to send newsletters to your audience: 


  • Tuesday – The best day for emails is by far on Tuesdays according to MailChimp Studies. It’s not the beginning of the week and not the end of it. People are already in their working mood and check their emails constantly, and as well pay more attention to them
  • WednesdaysThe same study from MailChimp revealed that Wednesdays come always-on second place by open rate. The reasons are the same for Tuesdays but it worths to mention that people are even more engaged in their work process on Wednesdays. 
  • Thursdays – If you send to newsletters per week, that the second one should be on Thursdays, as Fridays are already considered weekend. 


  • 6 AM – 50% of all of us start our day emailing in bed. Some wake up at 6 AM, others later. And in order not to miss any of your audience, make sure it arrives at 6 AM. 
  • 10 AM  – Late mornings are also a favorite time to read emails for most of us. And this is because while at work or home, most of us tend to check emails at this time when looking for a small break. 
  • 2 PM – Sending later in the day emails is a good option, as people are going at this time in the out-of-work mood or looking for distractions. 
  • 8 PM  – 45% out of all aged between 25-55 y.o. Have the habit to check their emails before going to bed, and this is why this time is also good for newsletters.

Following these steps and advice will help you increase your email open rate. Or at least will lead you closer to what you need to get closer to your audience. It is good to keep in mind that you must adjust these guidelines to your business realities and to your audience needs, and the most important thing – when creating the newsletter, think more of what your users want to see and read, what is the general profile of your user and how to comfort them, and think less about your earnings – they will come if you look good in the eyes of your audience.


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