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The holidays period is the most expected by marketers and sales managers around the world and by now many companies have probably already set their campaigns for the winter season. The issue with marketing winter holidays is that they often look similar to previous years, and sure thing if a campaign was a success in previous years, it has all the chances to have the same success this year. 

However, companies that win the most during the holidays season are the ones that risk inventing, combining, and trying new approaches. The end customer is the one to choose which brand or company has their hearts, and each year is more and more difficult to create something new and attractive. 

Here at Mobiteam, we researched previous trends in Digital Marketing for the holiday season and identified what consumers expect to see and hear in the 2021-2022 timeframe: 


#1 Simplicity and Minimalism

Valuable things are simple and minimalist – they come from consumers’ personal needs. So the very first thing that people expect to see in your winter marketing campaign is a touch of holiday spirit and a transparent offer in very few words or a very short video. Even if you try to explain why you are choosing to market this way – do it in three words, not more. 


#2 Feel the vibe. Give the feeling.

Also, the pandemic has drastically changed the way how customers feel about products and also their needs. Warmth, cleanliness and coziness are the most valuable requirements of a customer, so think about how your product is or it may be in some of these ways. Combine the consumer requirements with the holiday mood and transform your product in a pleasure, a joy.  You can add here a pinch of humor to enhance the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. 


#3 Word Play

At the beginning of this article, I talked about how similar are previous marketing campaigns with the new ones. Year after year, things don’t change much and for winter holidays, people probably get the least of word games.

We can feel the tiredness on the global market, and this tiredness has many faces and reasons. Winter holidays are about joy, and are the best moment to help your customer get rid of the daily routine – word plays might be just what you need. Now if you want to make the campaign too aggressive or not, it’s up to you and your target audience. 


#4 Advertise the product, sell the holiday

The holidays are not about the product you sell, most of all. So in case you don’t sell themed and customized stuff for this period, there is only one way to combine these two in a successful marketing campaign: make the product look, feel, and sound the way the holidays do. To give you just a quick example: advertising low prices for pipes on holidays may not be enough, but if they look like Christmas candies, and literally put inside them Christmas tree toys – sounds like a good idea, as the customer not only gets the pipe, but also the decorations for christmas tree. 

 That’s why selling the holiday can bring extra value to your image, and extra cash to your pocket.


#5 Create the trend

The holidays period is a short window where companies showcase their creativity. And that’s why we can’t talk about long-term, trackable trends that can be followed throughout the year. Each year the trends reset, and companies have to come with new ideas instead of using the old ones, or even worse – ideas previously used by their competitors.  Our advice for this tip – define your winter holidays marketing campaign earlier, setup all the details and start it a bit earlier. You will be noticed by both competitors and customers – and that’s exactly what you want to do. 


There is no best digital marketing setup for holidays, and that’s the best part for creative minds and the worst part for lovers of exact solutions. But, marketing is about creativity and having a creative person that understands both the holiday and the client is the best formula to win the Christmas period. 


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