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Besides being a Top Web Design and Web Development agency, Mobiteam is one of the most prominent Branding Agencies from Berlin as well. And like any other successful paths, ours started a long time ago – in 2014 when we decided to march towards the digital marketing segment. 

Developing our marketing & branding department became a priority for us after 5 consecutive clients and partners back then suggested us to provide branding services, as we already did that as a part of our business consulting process for their projects. We just didn’t call it branding, but free business consulting, a helping hand and a set of good and reliable suggestions about how our partners can improve their image, their business performance, expand on new markets, and how their name, logo, design and entierly their marketing & branding strategy can impact their potential customers and the market in general. 

Step by step we understood that this is the way we are heading to and getting specialized courses and new co-workers focused and experienced in this field was important for us, to maintain and direct Mobiteam to the path of great branding performance for our future partners & clients. 

What was more important for Mobiteam to understand at that time is that branding connects and resonates with both marketing and web design, and if you are contracted for a branding/rebranding strategy it is good to put both Branding & Web Design departments to work together at the same time. This helped us to get connected tighter and increase our productivity – which was only better for our clients. 

Under the White Label flag, we ran more than 15 branding & rebranding campaigns, other 7 projects were related to naming – which is not as easy as it sounds, especially when it comes to reserved trademarks, international company names that already exist, and 20+ projects that were related to partial branding – website redesign, logo changes, thematic applications due to specific events, promotions or periods of time. This and much more are connected to branding strategies, and even if somewhere branding and advertising overlap, these are two really distinct fields and understanding the differences between them is the key to success. 

So while advertising & marketing campaigns are in theory and partially in practice not related directly to business activity and their purpose is to engage the market for a well defined period of time, branding, on the other hand, is strictly related to how the business/company/brand will act further based on the provided image and behavior that is set together with the branding agency. And this is very important, as any agency that does branding should understand the responsibilities are bigger and the success of the agency in this field depends strongly on the success of the brand and branding strategy. 

Even though we will not give names, sharing Mobiteam experience with branding we won’t hide and talking about one of the most difficult cases is the best way to reveal how branding works. 

It happened that one of our partners that we worked together for both web design and web development on their website asked for professional advice on how to acquire a big number of customers in the shortest time and keep this trend for the rest of their activities. The branch was clothing – furs, dresses, underwear and more. After we suggested to add some identity elements that will make the website & brand look appealing, we went through each product and how it was introduced to the audience: model, locations, light, effects – everything matters and everything must be perfect to attract more visitors. The industry is not one of the easiest, at least in western Europe and is overflowed by companies that compete on the price range and product quality.

For this reason, we had to develop and find a good solution for the company, to become what it is now – a well-known brand in Europe and not only. The devil is in detail, as they say, and it needs to be highlighted: which leads us to the decision to change the product itself and imprint the new logo in an unordinary place that will look good and create the brand appearance. 

For 8 months Mobiteam lead and developed the branding strategy and as well implemented it successfully, and our client was happy with our performance. Happy clients provide good reviews, recommendations to other potential clients but what is more important – long term cooperation. 

This case was followed as expected by other unique and special partners, for which we had to come with new ideas to implement and again, to make from their company and products – well-known brand names.

In the end, for all parties involved in branding strategies for each case was an honor and a pleasure to have Mobiteam a Top Branding Agency from Berlin, and a reliable partner for their business development. 


For more than five years Mobiteam provided progressive branding strategies for 23 companies in multiple fields from Western Europe, the United States & Canada. This lead to satisfied partners and new great partnerships. If you seek for a Top Branding Agency with a good reputation – Mobiteam can be your long-time branding partner


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