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If services define the top position of Mobiteam on the market, then the work process is what ensures a high-level of provided services.

Since 2013, Mobiteam adapted and improved its work process depending on the client’s requirements and type of project – everything to make it easier for the client to work with us no matter the project complexity. And based on our experience, we have reached a standardized methodology of how the work process should go for best performance and comfort.

The core of the entirely new work process lies in the idea that a correct workflow saves not only the time but also the money, and avoids frustration at the end. Additionally, integrating a set of relevant tools in the work process is necessary for a smooth and comfortable collaboration, and for that reason having Asana for task management and Slack for chats improves the way how we communicate and handle the entire process together with our clients.

In the end, all the tools and technologies we use for an optimized work process lead us to a simple and clear way of handling projects: All phases are broken down into milestones that need to be accomplished. All these milestones are monitored and followed by both teams – Mobiteam and the client.

About the work process itself, Mobiteam identified a set of clear steps and rules that have their milestones which allow us to keep the flexibility but at the same time to progress with the project.

#1 Meeting and Listening

At this step, we will either meet in person with the client or have a ZOOM call. This is when we understand the project scope and ask relevant questions related to the project purpose and other important details. We underline the need for having all necessary project details exposed, which will make further steps smoother.

#2 Project Requirements

After receiving all the project details, we break down everything into phases of work, functionalities, technical stack, iterations. Briefly, we call it Terms of Reference, which shapes the project structure and requirements. This helps us to identify the necessary time, human resources that will be assigned, and the cost of the project.

#3 Submit the Offer

At this point, we are delivering all the calculations made based on project requirements set together with the client. The client gets all the necessary information and decides whether to adjust the offer submitted by Mobiteam or to go with what we provided earlier. It is important to mention that we are flexible and everything can be changed depending on what the client decides at the end of this phase.

#4 Offer Approval

Here, is when we shake hands with our client and prepare to pull the sleeves for starting the project. It is important for both parties to understand that we are comfortable with each other and all agreements shall be fulfilled within reasonable terms.

#5 Design

The design stage assumes that we will use all tech resources, creativity, and excitement to create that amazing visual identity we agreed on previously. As we master Photoshop and sketch, Mobiteam will prepare all wireframes, design book, mockups, logos, banners, and all relevant and required visual materials for the project.

Our design team will prepare 1-2 variations of the home page, so you could choose the right path, and decide for each element. It will be clear even from this step whether you want to add or remove visual elements.

We are involving at this step a series of technologies like Photoshop, InVision, and Adobe XD, which will help the client to give the feedback quick and comfortably.

#6 Design Validation

This means that the design is approved and ready to go. Based on the approved design we will proceed to the next step – development, where all functionalities will be integrated. However, the designer will monitor the development process so that no deviations from the initial agreement will be made.

#7 Development

Reaching this step means that 50% of the project is done.
Also, the development phase will require the least interaction between client and Mobiteam, because it is about coding, algorithms and programming. While you are preparing the plans for the launching, we will do all the magic and let you know when it’s done.

#8 Pre-Launch Test

Once the development phase is complete we are ready to give you a ride. Here you will have access to all functionalities and elements to test them and see how it works. Nonetheless, Mobiteam will help you with updating any new parts you consider necessary.

#9 Launch

This is the big day! Your project is live and good to go! At this step, we deliver the project and place it to your local environment. Also, you have full access to all the tools, plugins, source codes, etc.

In addition, we will prepare all management documentation of the project so you can understand and learn quickly how to handle it.

#10 Maintenance & Support

Launching is not the last step for us. We understand that everybody needs a hand in managing and maintaining the website on it’s intended track. Here, Mobiteam will help, instruct and assist with any difficulties and challenges you may encounter.

For your notice, 90% of all our clients give their website back for maintenance and design updates, as we are their trusted web partner.

This is how Mobiteam works in 10 easy steps and delivers the project of any complexity in the best possible and convenient way. In this way, our services are much appreciated by clients and partners from all over the world.

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