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While you think that email marketing is on the back foot nowadays, we have our own opinion on it. As statistics shows, an average office worker receives about 90 emails per day. This is the most popular and successful methods when it comes to selling your product online. However, to create a catchy email, one should put a few efforts and creativity. Every email has just a few seconds to grab your eye. So one of the key factors that influence your sales is the email design.

We, as a company specializing in both the design and the development of e-commerce, always know how to create attractive and beautiful designs. If you want to know the secrets of how our three beautiful email designs increased our client’s sales x2 stay tuned and follow us. Here are the rules, we always stick to when it comes to making eye-catching and great-looking designs.

1. Use colors appropriately

It is quite a well-known fact that colors can make people feel different emotions. That is why a choice of colors, their combinations, and shades are the first thing to catch the reader’s eye. If it is created an inappropriate way, it will definitely appeal to customers and make them take an interest in a product. Besides, a reader will fully get the mood and the idea of your brand, or offer, or product.

For instance, red is a color that comes into notice immediately. It has the meaning of importance, energy, and power. Red has become one of the priceless tools for web designers. Green, for example, is always used in the context of the environment and nature. If your brand is based on the idea of solving environmental issues, it would definitely have green colors. Besides, it distinguishes itself among other and is a symbol of money. Quite a good option, isn’t it?

To make an email design more inviting and reliable, our designers consider taking blue and all its shades. It also has the meaning of security and trust, so clients would definitely respond to your email.

The contrast of colors is another tool used by email designers. The combination of uncombined colors is a powerful weapon in email designer’s hands, which cannot leave any reader indifferent.

2. Minimalism is a key

One of our designs that boosts our client’s sales has been created in a minimalism style. Minimalism is becoming more and more popular nowadays. People have got used to all those popping up emails, so they will definitely notice one, that stands out due to its simplicity and straightforwardness. You may wonder what is about straightforwardness? The thing is that the main item of your brand or your product is placed in the center. We usually try to avoid any distractions and use neutral color palette so that the item is in the limelight. The email will be grabby and beautiful when the background is neutral, while the product and the text to it come forward. As an important element of email design that impacts the sale is a click button. People would rather click a button with a convincing offer than follow the link in your emails.  So the main point is to create a clear and simple design, that is not overwhelmed with unnecessary objects and irrelevant text.

3. Animation

It goes without saying that animations make your design more fruitful and trustworthy. Just as pictures, animations add some uniqueness and evoke the feeling of something unexpected. While videos are considered to be time-consuming, and people usually skip those emails, the animation will show all the peculiarities of your product in just a few seconds. For example, if our client’s product is to be shown in a few colors, we just add an animation to demonstrate all the varieties.

By the way, the research has shown that animations used in emails increase your sales by more than 25%. They inspire readers to respond to email and even consider buying the item. It is very helpful when it comes to demonstrating the product in the right way.

4. Information

The description, title and all the text used in your email are of vital importance. Think of the idea and message you are going to send to a reader. It should be logical and understandable. The next step is to make it visually pleasing and inviting. Usually, we try to highlight or underline some keywords so that the reader has an instant understanding of what an email about it. When words are in different fonts, sizes, and colors, it gives a reader a hint concerning the importance. For example, those sentences written with bigger letters would be more important and grab your eye faster than those small letters.

Besides, you can also try experimenting with fonts. The hierarchical combinations give your email design modernity and make it vibrant and stunning.

5. Details

Not less important is the use of details. An interesting decision is to use some geometric figures to design an email. Circles, triangles, squares make a general image more interesting and good-looking. Such figures, when they are in bold, come into reader’s notice right away and point the general ides. What is more, these are less frequent skipped than just a written text on the background.

One more important detail is the logo. This is a signature of your brand, so you just cannot miss it or forget to include it in your email. Make sure that the logo in your email fully represents your brand and is hard to skip. Vivid colors, shapes, provoking combinations are the elements that stick to a reader’s memory.

That’s it! Quite easy, huh? Our secrets are now revealed, and you know, that due to these elements you can boost your sales at least x2. Now it’s your turn to create email designs and raise the profitability of your project.  In case you have some difficulties, you can always hire a professional email designer or get in touch with us at Mobiteam directly, and we will make your email and newsletter unique and original.



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