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For many business owners, a big headache is to select a fit website creation agency for their future website. Most of the time, they hire a project manager to do this job for them, but only when they afford to do so, but in the rest of the cases, they have to all for themselves. 

The task is not an easy one and everybody who tried it can confirm this, as each agency tries to lure a potential client and come with consistent discounts, larger teams and dedicated people that will handle the project. In other words – agencies do their best, and thus they harden the work of business owners. 

What most of the people seek in web agencies is a reasonable price for high-end performance and on-time delivered website. But there is more to it, and in this article, we will talk about how to select the best website creation agency. 

#1 Communication Is Important

From the very beginning, you can tell a lot about a website creation agency by the way how they talk, the general mood that persists in your conversation and their attitude towards you and your projects. By the way agencies talk to you, it is easy to notice if they have too many projects and are not really happy with your inquiry, or if they didn’t have one for a long time and they try to convince you that they can do more than they can handle. 

Another important moment is the frequency they contact you, provide & request information about updates regarding the status of the selection process. It is generally accepted that once per week is enough to ask this type of information, and most of the agency will go for a call. If they contact you too often or don’t do this at all, then you might consider cutting them off from the list and thus reduce it considerably. 

#2 Check Their Portfolio

The fit website creation agency is the one that can offer you the best price range plus the best solutions for your needs, and portfolio is the exact place where you can estimate their capabilities. So an award-winning agency with expensive websites for brands may at the same time inspire you trust, and fear. The fear of over-estimating the project with a couple of zeros at the end, which may not be the best option for your budget. 

As well, fear can inspire and super cheap cost evaluations of agencies with 2-3 projects in their portfolio and probably even those projects do not belong to them. In these particular cases, you can always expect surprises from agencies: the project is delayed, the website needs fixes after launch, the web designed is copied from another place & many more things that can make you unhappy of your choice. 

What we always recommend, is to contact  – Mobiteam which is your best option in any case: 47+ Project delivered, one-month free support, on-time launched websites and a great team to work with. This is what a top website creation agency means.

#3 Testimonials & Feedback Can Tell A Lot

Generally, All web pages of website creation agencies need to be studied, but first Portfolio, and second Testimonials. 

As all reviews count, it is good to know what other people say about a specific website creation agency. This will help you to take a closer look at specific minuses & pluses that you don’t have the chance to notice in the first place. As well, it tells a lot about how some of their projects went through and how the working process flows. 

Of course, testimonials & feedback can be found not only on their website, but as well on search engines like google, or specialized websites & directories that list these type of websites which means that the opinions may differ from place to place, and as a potential client you don’t want to skip any of those. 

In our practice as a website creation agency from Berlin, Mobiteam got a lot of reviews in different places, and all of them reconfirm our status of top website creation agency from Berlin. 

#4 Be Clear With Your Requirements

Another important thing that counts a lot in the selection process of the best website creation agency is a demand towards clients. Being clear from the very beginning will save your time & nerves when searching for the perfect agency. This is why Mobiteam strongly recommends being as explicit as possible when describing your vision about the website to agencies. 

But having a clear vision will also help the agencies to understand better how they need to work and most of all to estimate correctly the project costs. This is why approximations are not a good thing you should play with when talking about your own website. 

The more exact your requests are, the sooner you can choose a fit website creation agency, and time is really important both for the client and for the agency. 

No matter how you select your website creation agency, these 4 tips will help you improve the result’s quality and speed up the process to the maximum.  But if you don’t want to make another mistake, Mobiteam is the best choice for your next website. 


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