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For any type of web agencies, backlinks are useful and sometimes vital in the traffic generation process. The question that often comes out is: how much traffic can a backlink generate?

Well, to answer this question there are multiple subjects that need to be approached, like:

  • Backlink’s source
  • Backlink’s trust
  • Backlink’s traffic
  • Backlink’s online reputation
  • Backlink’s ranking and SEO optimization

As it is already obvious, all these are interconnected and have to be analyzed separately but also, at the same time as a whole process. As often web agencies do, some of these steps are avoided for various reasons and may lead to inefficient time spent to obtain useful and less useful backlinks altogether.

In order to clear this out and highlight the main steps that need to be taken in order to get a useful backlink for a web agency, Mobiteam’s experts will explain in this article the best practices to achieve this goal

Backlink source is the first thing a business owner needs to analyze for a better understanding of its usefulness. Everything can start with URL, but especially with domain analysis: research the keywords based on which you can find a specific related business on the web, and then look out for the backlink URL name, if it contains words related to the field of your activity, then it will most probably be a useful backlink for your business.

Next step is to pay attention to the domain: if it features a specific country, then you will rank higher on that country then in any other places. Most acceptable domains are usually global & neutral, and there are plenty of them (com, co, org, net, etc…) so make sure your backlink corresponds to your target market.

Backlink trust is also very close to its online reputation but there is a difference between those two. While trust refers to whether the website is secured, lists big/medium/small businesses from multiple industries, industry branches, and fields, online reputation is for how the backlink is found on the web based on reviews, client recommendations, rating, and more KPI related to this field.

Now, what you should pay attention to, is to make sure the website that provides a backlink for your blog, shop, e-commerce (you name it) is secured and use HTTPS protocol. Also, pay attention to what other businesses that are listed on the backlink, are actively adding new content and information to that website: Business location, phone number, hourly rates, focus areas, CEO name, and other important information about their business. This is a good way to check if a backlink is trustworthy or not for the online presence of your business.

Backlink traffic is a vital information to know about the website that you are considering to contact for generating more traffic for your business’ website. Even if this is not open source information, you can approximate and appreciate it in several ways:

  • Interrogate search engines, with keywords connected to the backlink and see how and where it’s listed
  • Associate the backlink name + a web agency that is featured on that website, and analyze the frequency and position on search engine’s results.
  • Identify the traffic sources that the backlink source both get and generates: blog articles, lists, maps, other websites that may provide and also get traffic via badges or mentions.

After you have this information, it is very easy to create multiple segments that provide geolocation, market & field information that will give you the relevancy for your business

As mentioned before, the backlink online reputation stands for:

  • web reviews,
  • client recommendations,
  • and online rating on other different resources.

All these are KPIs for online reputation management for any business that is on the web. As people tend to believe more online reviews and former/active clients more than marketing campaigns and strategies, it is useful to analyze how the backlink source behaves with clients and audience in general. This gets more useful if you can make the difference between fake reviews and real ones, as it offers a better understanding of how the backlink management staff are handling reviews and their online presence in general.

Backlink ranking and SEO optimization is the ultimate step & filter that your backlink should go through. If it passed all those above-mentioned filters then the backlink should be taking into consideration for more than just a simple partnership, but maybe going further for a paid partnership.

SEO optimization of a website is easy to identify by searching keywords that you identify your web agency with, and find that backlink instead above your position on search engines. Mobiteam’s experts do not limit to that only, but in general lines, this is the easiest and shortest way to find SEO optimization grade of a website.

By following these guidelines, getting a trustworthy, secure, traffic generator and SEO optimized backlink is an easy task that anyone can handle. But, if you are planning to search for traffic generator websites and useful backlinks, you came to the right place: Mobiteam follows these guidelines and can provide you with a valuable backlink for your business, in many fields and areas of activity; and even more, if you have serious plans to grow your business online – Mobiteam marketing experts will help you all the way through.

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