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As we’ve discussed in our previous article, link building plays an important role in determining a page’s ranking on search results. This means that more high-quality websites leading to your own website will significantly increase your ranking on search engines, based on the focus keywords you use. 

Additional to this, there are more benefits, that take effect in the long run, and are not less important than those mentioned in the first post of the link-building series on Mobiteam. 

Well, in this article we will talk about how you can improve business’online results via link building: 

#1 Expand your business network

Linkbuilding often can bring you to other, more influent websites in your field and thus, they can help you expand your network, and get more and stronger backlinks.  In other words, even if the first goal is to get a good backlink on stronger and more influent websites pointing to your own, the outcome may result in establishing long-term relations with the giants of the market. And building relations with key influencers is even more important than link building itself, as it assumes for you to get advocates and for your business, and it will consistently speed up its development process. 

#2 Providing/Sending Referral Traffic

Now, the importance of a good backlink in terms of ranking we cleared above, but we still have to think about how much traffic a referral link can provide. And here are more factors involved. For example, if there is a backlink pointing to your website, and it’s from another field than yours, then you will obtain less traffic, of much lower quality. On the other hand, if a website related to your business’ field has a backlink that leads to yours, then its visibility plays a second role as it may provide a smaller flow of traffic but, of a higher quality. In any way, networking matters a lot here, and the bond you build with your partners will set the starting point of the quality of the backlinks. 

#3 Reputation Building

There are different link building techniques and one of them is related to content. So for example, content creation strategy can help you grow your authority on the niche you are specialized and focused on. Once you create a piece of original, high-quality and well-explained content, and you share it with the public, then there is a chance you will get this content shared in networks and other relevant resources, among people that are your target audience. This may grow even up to set some trends in your field and inspire others with your ideas. 

However, content creation is not the easiest strategy to start with and it takes a lot of effort to create that unique piece of content that will bring it to sharing and thus getting more audience. But, if you think your expertise is worthy of knowledge, it is a good idea to share. 

These ways are just a few, but most relevant to start with, in increasing your business’ success with link building. It is good when all of them are well implemented and it takes patience for having good results. 

But there is one thing to keep in mind: Before starting your link building strategy, you must have valid, and authentic content that others will consider worthy to link to. It’s about time & patience, but most of all, it is about dedication. 

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This is the second article from the link building series created and released by Mobiteam. Stay tuned for more information regarding link building and how you can benefit from it. As well, as a proven top web design & development company, you can rely on Mobiteam in any works regarding establishing or expanding your business online.


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