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It’s been a while since the pandemic virus debuted in the entire world and influenced most aspects of human life. It is by far the toughest challenge modern society has to deal with and which will cause long-term consequences to the global economy. 

Last week there was a boom of articles related to how the virus will impact the digital world, businesses, online-shops, and other components of the web. Most of them were in a try to predict trends and evolutions of how everything will change and what we, web agencies need to do next. Here at Mobiteam consider that the rules are not yet set, and speculating on these topics is not healthy for your business nor for the entire economy.  

Instead of making assumptions, we consider that sharing our own experience in this period is more efficient and helps others prevent, handle and control difficult processes we may face with the COVID-19. 

So, as a study case for this article, we will be taking our own – Mobiteam challenges and solutions in this period. 

Challenge #1 – Workspace

This challenge has a direct impact on the entire work process and work environment. We are not the first and not the last to say how important it is to stay safe, to keep social distance and as well other essentially hygienic measures – This is what we’ve all been hearing in the latest period and what we also encourage to do. 

Apart from the fact that the workspace challenge is connected to restrictions and recommendations imposed by authorities, our offices are like a second home for us all, a place where we all feel more comfortable to work, socialize with our team, exchange ideas, experiences and thoughts over each project. But, we had to take a decision… 

Solution – Work From Home

Even though we love our workspace, we need to work from home, we understand that, and, moreover – Mobiteam works from home as smoothly as from the office. We sync our efforts and do the teamwork we usually do. Working remotely is what the web industry is about, and since it’s not vital to be in the same place and at the same time – we encourage you all to do the same. 

Just like before, we use the same tools to sync and work together:

  • Slack – for team communication and fast messages
  • Asana – for task management 
  • Zoom – for calls and systematically keeping in touch with clients
  • Email – basic, most popular and at the same time official way to send a message

These tools allow us to do the same Top-level web design, web development, and digital marketing from home. And because communication is essential not only within the work process but as well as a social element, make sure you digitally keep in touch with your family, friends, colleagues, partners, and clients.

Challenge #2 – Clients Affected by COVID-19

We are not talking about those affected directly by the virus, but about their businesses. 

At this stage, most of other web design and web development agencies were affected by this crisis, where some of the clients are forced to change the way their business goes. It is natural in these circumstances to rethink your action and development plan. Industries and businesses like Tourism, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, HR, Transport, and a lot more are affected by the virus spread and are forced to suspend their activity or to find a way out for the moment at least. 

Like any other web agency, Mobiteam is not an exception, and at this moment we are in the full development process with a tourism-related website, within a governmental project. And also we just launched another project also focused on tours, cruises, bookings in and around Germany.

As we mentioned before, the travel restrictions lead to industry-wide challenges for global tourism and since our clients are a part of this industry, Mobiteam deals with these challenges by setting a series of recommendations. 

Solutions – Develop, Promote or Postpone 

Since canceling is not a solution for any of the businesses affected, especially when you have your digital product ready, Mobiteam identified 3 ways about how our clients from the tourism industry act for a better and faster result.

Developing the business plan and working on improvements is one of the recommendations for clients whose business is affected by the COVID-19. In industries affected at 100%, your company is not the only one who stopped providing services, everyone else also on their brake. So, using this time to think about how the business should be like – might be the best idea. This time freeze is benefic especially for companies that need a redesign, or maybe a totally new digital product like a website or an app. It gives time to develop your entire business image and processes.

Promoting the business is also an option. Pay attention to how you organize your marketing campaign, especially in these difficult times, as advertising and promoting your business does not always mean promoting the services you provide. 

Even though most of the population is focused on how COVID-19 evolves, they all need some distractions from what happens outside. Also, keeping in mind that the number of online users at the moment increased with around 35% compared to last year’s same period. This is why engaging users is easier, faster and possibly more productive. 

If your business is not allowed right now to provide services and products, convince smoothly the target audience why you should be their first option when everything ends. 

Postpone your business activities if you have no choice and if you consider there is nothing else to be improved and developed, nor to be adapted and adjusted.

Even though we don’t think this is a good choice, it is still a viable option. Waiting for a week up to a month sometimes may be a good idea, as further development of the situation may give you a precise answer about what needs to be developed and improved, and which way the business should take from that moment on. 

These are the two biggest challenges Mobiteam faces in the pandemic period, but, as we mentioned – every challenge has one or more solutions. It depends only on you, your team and your business whether you want to move forward now, or wait for a while. On the other side of the table, Mobiteam is always ready to help your business develop and grow on the web. Even in these difficult times.



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