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Social Media is one of the most powerful tools to explore and acquire new customers, and the most efficient one to promote services and products. Even though all business owners run Social Media campaigns and reach their targets, SMM has turned in to an exhausting process for many due to the lack of a concrete strategy, knowledge of good practices, and most of all, abusive usage of resources in gaining popularity.

The list of reasons for inappropriate SMM can continue endlessly as each SMM campaign must be unique and requires an individual approach to each business. In order to avoid mistakes and gain more of your Social Media campaign, Mobiteam experts identified the top 5 things you should know before, while and after running an SMM campaign:

#1 Settle Your Ground: Solid Content

Before even starting running your campaign on Social Media, the first thing a business owner should do is to make sure it has a reliable content both on the website and social network page.

This means that the content should look attractive, be informative, real and deliver a clear and intuitive message from the title. The content itself has to be a logical connection between the title, image(s) and text. Depending on your business, the content may be represented from simple image-text posts applied directly on the social network, or a blog post on your website that has all three basic components, and posted on the business’ page on the social network.

By following the first choice, you get ready to use information delivered to the potential client, and there will be no need for someone to click on anything. On the other hand, if you want to connect your social media activity to your website, then the second choice is a good way to do that. Usually, this option is being used when the business owner is confident that more valuable information can be found on the website, and the social network only triggers users to click.

It’s not exactly a clickbait if the real valuable information is contained on the website, and both parts have to win: users from reaching to the info they searched for, and business owner gains traffic on his website.

All these types of content must be added on your social media page, in enough quantity to scroll down 2-3 times in order to create a good impression. Besides, it is recommended that you post the content on social media, after you set your target group, define the profile of the potential client and other marketing stuff that must be taken care of.

#2 Paid Social: Priorities. Timing. Ways.

After all has been set up (both content and marketing research), in order to boost your presence and being taken into consideration on the market, it’s good to run a paid social campaign. But, when starting a campaign, there are multiple options on what to promote more exactly:

  • Website,
  • Social Media Page,
  • Specific Products or services,
  • articles,
  • or anything else, you name it.

So, what should be promoted first?

Mobiteam SMM experts (trust us, we are on Google’s 1st page when searching a web design agency in Berlin, check it yourself), based on our experience in other industries and businesses, recommend to set priorities in this way:

  1. Social Media Page
  2. Products
  3. Website
  4. Articles

Yes, this may not be the right hierarchy for all types of businesses, but in most cases, business owners can pull out of these priority settings, the most. If you promote first of all your social media page, the potential customer will have the possibility to view all your products, articles, and if interested, the website. This way, the business will play fair and will attract in the first place users that, most probably won’t unsubscribe. In other words – the critical healthy mass.

Products will be promoted in second place, especially top reliable products/services you provide. In this way, people that possibly may have heard of your business will have the chance to know better the products/services you provide without having a repulsive attitude towards your business.

When promoting the website, which may be e-commerce, a landing page, or a fully functional business website, the business owner won’t have to worry too much of an aggressive attitude, as first were promoted the web page and products. Most of those who will see the sponsored posts that lead to your website, by that time had heard of that promoted business via previous campaigns or from friends. In other words, those who will go for the website are already aware and even interested in the sponsored products and/or services.

In order not to lose a single potential customer interested in the field of your products and services, it is good to promote rich keyword articles with useful and most of all interesting information that will capture the audience’s attention and grow your chances in converting them into leads, buyers, consumers.

#3 Maintain. Diversify. Grow.

To have long term results and put a solid rock on the base of your brand, it is good to explore other ways and ideas on how to maintain your business alive on social media. This is where you put your creativity to work and try to keep what you have already achieved so far by running those social media campaigns. At this point, we can talk about business & market specifications, that are best known by business owners and market experts.

In any case, a piece of simple advice is to hire 1-2 wise SMM specialists that will work in their own style for your company. Else, contact and hire Mobiteam’s marketing experts only for the time you need, to get ultimate solutions at affordable prices, for your business. As I said previously, at the end of the day, we, Mobiteam, are on Google’s 1st page and 1st position when you will search for a Web Design Agency in Berlin or Web Development Company in Berlin. Try it yourself. What a better way to prove our capabilities?

If you diversify the style of your social media activity, you will not only maintain the results but also grow your business. The key to achieving such a result is to understand your market’s demands, be flexible and act precisely using creative ways to improve your business.



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