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This summer is one of the most challenging periods for all businesses, and the digital sector is not an exception. As a leading web agency from Berlin, Mobiteam faces the same challenges, as all businesses do, but this helped us to move forward and identify new solutions and approaches. In this article, we will share Mobiteam experience and how this summer helped us redefine the work process, interact with clients, and discover new digital solutions.

#1 Knowledgebase

What we know, feel, and live nowadays is the pandemic, that impacts everything, including the digital business environment. Some businesses found the power and resources to move on and relocate their activity on the web, while others failed. What remains certain is that this long-term challenge changed the way how we behave, interact with each other, or even live.

Another important aspect of the pandemic is the innovative way of how the digital environment adjusted its capabilities and activity to the business ecosystem needs: from massive creation of web apps and e-commerce up to re-launching the web as the main and probably the safest platform of human interaction.

The importance of updating all types of online businesses with reliable information about the new Covid-19 rules and warnings also needs to be mentioned. Since each industry has a different set of rules of activity during this period, the importance of web agencies and their quick response to the business needs has been proved once again.

All in all, during summer 2020, the pandemic managed to reset our activity both as web entities and as individuals as a part of society.

#2 Challenges

In these difficult times, the challenges are common for everybody. Either you are a web agency or own a web product, an online business, or even if the activity involves direct human interaction it is still difficult to work together, meet the clients in person, keep in touch with partners and socialize as we were all used to do before the pandemic.

But the real challenges businesses face are lack of the same number of clients, which leads to a lower financial level and can generate human resources cut to optimize the entire business process and provide it with sufficient power to survive this difficult period. These challenges are what many are afraid to talk about and depending on location, some are carrying on this burden easier than others.

For the digital industry, and specifically for Mobiteam, these challenges have a great impact on the entire work process and changed the way of how we manage our time, resources, and channel our focus on specific projects. But, on the other hand, this made us rethink the entire system and adjust to this period with new solutions.

#3 Solutions

Maybe the solutions are innovative and can inspire you to take the right decision when it comes to business management during the pandemic, or probably the same type of measures have already been implemented in some business environments – it is still a matter of approach. Here at Mobiteam, we consider that during the pandemic the best approach is to set dynamic priorities that can change depending on the situation.

As a top web agency, we are known for flexibility and great management, additionally to professionalism, design & development skills, and good communication. This is why we set our solutions in three different parts:

  • Solutions for partners and clients

The number one priority for us still remains the comfort of our clients. This means that we are extensively supporting them with their challenges no matter the type: either it’s a technical issue, business consultancy, or marketing advice, we continue to dedicate our time and effort. Additionally, we offer discounts to our services up to 30%, depending on the project type, purpose, and timeframe. We are all going thru this period, and it’s easier to walk together than separated.

  • Solutions for the community

Community is one of the most important aspects of our day-by-day living and being a part of it, makes us feel stronger, better, and more supportive. For Mobiteam, the digital community means everybody who we interact with: companies, professionals, universities, students, and everything in the between. The only and main solution for the community is to remain open to all calls and suggestions that contribute to overcoming this challenging period.

  • Solution for our team

To make all the above-mentioned solutions possible, it is important for all of us to be safe. Mobiteam continues to work remotely and use all existing technologies to keep in touch with everybody. Nonetheless, our work process keeps the pace with all tasks despite the situation.

If you are looking for a reliable web partner from Berlin for any digital work, you can always trust Mobiteam and handle us with confidence any web design, development, marketing, or business consulting works.


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