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The connection between a New Business, Powerful Business and Word of Mouth Marketing is that you can have the first two using the third.

But, if unless you are not in a tiny room, a small village or a place where not too many things change, then you should start taking into consideration – testimonials.

The world market has evolved, consumers got smarter and the strategies are continuously changing and adapting to new trends and brands.  This assumes that everybody already knows about a service or product released by a business that can be called the best via their marketing strategy, but without proof, the words most of the time remain words.

In our case, Mobiteam is the Top Web Design, Development and Business Consultancy Agency from Berlin. And we say it not for the sake and wish to be that way, but because Mobiteam has reached a specific target, earned across web industry a name and a reputation, but most of all –  our partners and clients call us a Top Web Agency based on their real experience working with us. This is proved by tens of testimonials and reviews, recommendations and positive feedback that can be found on our profiles starting with Google and ending up on Clutch, or Digital Agency Network.

This is why in this article we will talk about Testimonials and their true power and the huge impact it has over businesses all over the world. Especially on the web.

How to Ask a Client for Reviews and Testimonials

We wouldn’t call exactly this point a guide on how to ask for a review, but it is essential to understand from business experience how Mobiteam received these reviews in different places.

A commonly agreed and starting phrase would be: “Potential clients and customers don’t know how good your products and services are until they try it”. So there is always a risk of first 10-100 clients, that they wouldn’t exactly like, or find fit your services/products. Even bigger is the concern that not all clients are willing to write a testimonial about you or generally to give feedback. But even if some agree to do so, do you have a well-deserved place where to publish their testimonials?!

In this case, we recommend starting with Google My Business. Once you are listed there, no matter the industry, people will search for you there and it is recommended to find a testimonial or review about your business or anything related to it directly (products/services). If there are at least 5 reviews, we can definitely say that they will read it, and make the logical connection between your marketing strategy and what a real client has told about you.

After the first review has appeared there, it would be easier to ask politely your former, actual or future clients to add another one and say what they think about your business. And what is more interesting, you can apply directly some other marketing strategies to clients that rate your business in different places, like offering a discount to those that will rate your business on different places related to your business.

Of course, you can ultimately go for more places that list businesses like yours, including your competition. Yes, it may take some time to do the research and provide a realistic description of your business, but you should consider it as a long-term investment, where people will come and add more reviews, which will improve not only your image but as well your online presence.

Send Offboarding Surveys

After finishing a project with a partner or client, or after selling a product (why not?!), it is recommended to keep in touch with them 30 to 60 days. This is an opportunity to collect impressions and get feedback from your clients after they had a period of testing your product or services.

Make sure as well you are not pressuring them to say something good about your business though, but offering them the chance to share their experience, and collect what they had to say. At the same time, you have a good chance to ask their permission to publish their opinion as a review for your business – and thus you gain online visibility and increase your capabilities of attracting new clients and partners.

Add a Link to Your Email Signature

Having just another link in your advantage is not a bad idea after all, but if you place it strategically, you can, first of all, inspire trust to your partners, clients, and potential clients and partners.

The link in your email signature is not only a marketing move but as well it’s a solid clue where the client can leave a review or testimonial

Or as well, you provide them with multiple ways to contact you and know you better. Or it can look like a way of officializing the relation between your business and the customer.

Write a Testimonial/Review for Them

This works more in B2B, so writing in the first place a review for your partner is a solid hint and an invitation for them to write a review, on their turn for your business.

Even though this may not work always, and some businesses do not reply with the same action, most of them reply usually with a Thank You letter/email for your review. And, on your turn, you can wrap up the text, and transform it into a testimonial, with their agreement of course.

Also, this idea is good to establish new business connections and improve your image, increase the chances of working with someone you would wish you had the chance to do so.

As these are just the TOP, experience-based hints regarding the testimonials and reviews, we acknowledge that a lot of specifications may change the way you will put in practice our recommendations. But, as Mobiteam is not only the Top Web Design & Web Development Agency but as well a Proven Business Consultancy & Marketing Agency, we are always eager to help our partners and clients to achieve more with our common projects.


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