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The Rise of Virtual Digital Assistant Usage – Statistics and Trends

Virtual digital assistant is an innovative technology. It assists human beings in perceiving natural language. The core purpose of such systems is to control set of systems for responding to the queries. This includes automation of a company’s customer support service. For example, you can deploy it to respond to the common questions (FAQs) for an enterprise website.

According to an estimate, the market for virtual digital assistants will grow smooth. The number of users will increase by billions in the upcoming years.

The common examples of artificial intelligence are Amazon’s Alexa, Siri by Apple, and Microsoft’s Cortana. These applications are capable of communicating with the user. Their functionality provides personalized experience by delivering relevant answers.

The progress in AI

Digital assistants are influencing the regular ways of communications. As per an estimate, the number of AI enable device users is about to increase. It will reach 1.8 billion people by the year 2021.

Let us account for the market growth of Virtual Digital Assistants. It is found that from 2017 to 2021, the market will grow from $3 Billion to $15.59 Billion.

Personal Usage

  • 54% individuals conclude that digital personal assistants have a big role in easing their lives. 31% of them have already made these assistants as a part of their personal lives.
  • 65% of people having VDA’s have utilized them for more than communication purposes.
  • Almost half of the consumers use it for music, weather forecasts and browsing the web.
  • 37% of the smart users perform tasks like checking for emails or messages and to get traffic updates.
  • The rest of the users may use these resources for online shopping or information.

Why people use it?

When asked by the VDA users to express their major reasons behind the adoption of technology.

  • 55% of the users found that they do not like touching their smartphones or other devices.
  • 23% have a good time accompanying and making use of smart gadgets for pleasure and fun.
  • 55% are comfortable expressing them rather than typing their queries.
  • 23% of the people think that kids can become familiar with the technology through speech.


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