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In the last year, we’ve seen a growing influence of both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality usage on all markets, but especially in industries that are related to digital goods and services. However, the extensive development of AR and VR doesn’t resume only to these markets, and by the end of 2019, they become a hit in other industries as it provides a unique experience for customers before acquiring goods or services. The development of  AR and VR is strongly connected to the AI industry and tech progresses in this field, and even more – AR & VR depend on AI and are build on AI capabilities. 

This article is only about a part of this Tech Triangle – Augmented Reality (AR) Virtual Reality (VR) & Artificial Intelligence (AI), and future trend predictions for 2020. Among all questions related to AR and AR trends for 2020, Mobiteam Marketing Department has identified the directions and trends where AR will head to, based on researches made on different markets and fields, but as well on the latest AR news. 

#1 Gaming Industry & AR

Most of the people who experienced AR for the first time did it while gaming. And even if these were mobile games – which afford a higher mobility rate and thus a richer experience, AR-based games suffered a brutal fall down right after the start. Two prominent examples are Pokemon Go and Oculus Rift. 

While a big part of users left the apps due to technological imperfections, repeating content, lack of optimized updates and down to the need of moving from place to place, the most loyal audience is still enjoying the apps and continue to explore the new content which is released now systematically. 

In the gaming industry, AR revealed only a part of its full potential and lead to the peak price of stocks for the first big company that entered the market with this specific technology. Of course, we are talking here about Nintendo, that shortly after the release of the AR Pokemon Go reached its best price for sale

Taking into consideration the experience of AR in the gaming industry, to predict for 2020 could be difficult and risky, but one thing’s for sure – we could see new types of AR gaming experience, on new engines, with improved graphics and more relaxing user experience. This is motivated by new mobile devices’ performance, which seeks to improve specifically camera quality, use newer generation processors and more operative memory RAM on higher frequencies. 

Moreover, tech giants like Apple, Samsung, Huawei & Xiaomi are already involved in producing new generation mobile devices, while Qualcomm releases better processors for a better experience.

#2 Healthcare System & AR

If in the gaming industry everything is still unclear, the healthcare system proved to be an excellent market for AR products and services. But here at Mobiteam, we think that this is only the beginning of the journey of the AR in the medical system. Augmented Reality in this field is one of the symbols that healthcare is entering the 21st century with the right foot, new solutions, better performance and, more simple case studies. 

According to Forbes, the adoption of AR in healthcare is expected to grow by 38% annually by 2025, which is an amazing indicator, and highlights the importance of this technology and the compatibility between Augmented Reality and the medical sector. 

By this moment, AR technologies are used in multiple fields of the healthcare system, such as: 

  • Patient and doctor education
  • Surgical visualization
  • Disease simulation
  • Physical therapy

And, this is only the beginning of AR, as it allows to visualize and simulate vital processes of most of the human organs and thus, it helps to predict or to cure difficult cases. 

But to measure the entire progress of the healthcare system in the tech triangle we should also take into consideration the impact of VR, which also plays a huge role in the development of new technologies for medical treatment, surgeries, diseases, and maladies. 

As a matter of fact, tech giants directed consistent amounts of resources to study and provide efficient solutions for the healthcare system with AR, VR and AI technologies.

As the AR technologies continue to increase their role in the healthcare industry and taking into consideration the companies that are involved in developing solutions based on AR technologies, we can certainly say that in 2020 – progress and innovation are two keywords that will mark the connection between the healthcare system and AR technologies.

#3 Education and AR

Education is another field where AR and VR won the race with traditional systems. As we mentioned before in this article, the patient and doctor education is already implemented in the healthcare system with AR tech integration. 

What we are expecting next is a very futuristic but yet closer to reality idea in the educational system. In the closest future, we could live the dream of having VR classes, exploring historical places and events with VR and AR and have higher access to information by exploring objects, and materials from different angles using AR technology. 

All these directions and trends will impact directly business development and will bring to new companies to this relatively new sector. Moreover, the consumer goods and services market will reach a new level of quality due to the deep analysis opportunities the AR, VR and AI technologies offer. 

Trends and directions identified by Mobiteam and released in this article still may not be all, or on the contrary, not all could be fulfilled, depending on events, markets’ development and a series of other economical & tech factors. But to end on a positive note, AR, VR, and AI have the lower chances to regress compared to other technologies. At least now, in 2020. 


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