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If you are reading a lorem ipsum text on a website, you will perceive the entire website as incomplete. But it’s not about only lorem ipsum on websites, but in most of the cases, it is about the quality of the content on any type of website. This is determined by a series of indicators and it has a critical impact on how a website performs on the web.

Our experts from Mobiteam explain in this article why content is a vital part of User Experience and how to mix them to get the best result by blending these two.

When Content is UX?

We mentioned that content is a vital part of User Experience. To help you with that, Content is User Experience.

A website like Amazon, for example, is filled with content, and it reached the popularity as well due to the content exposed: products, description, number of sales, origin country – all this is content and exploring this content users found Amazon useful and lifted it up its rating on the web. We risk going further and mention that in the case of Amazon and other similar websites, user experience continues after the product was delivered.

The same thing happens when you take any new acquisition: from the window-shop up to the moment you grab and use the product or service you are confronting  UX generated by content.

In this and most of the cases, content is a huge part of user experience, it is the filling of any web page that makes the main reason why you choose to visit that page. The design is just making content more beautiful.

Does Content Come Before UX?

No. Business meanings and user goals are the first priority and the reality is that content and UX must comply with those two. Because both business and user goals tell what type of content and what UX you should do in order to ensure a better interaction.

At this point, you might say that a writer could have the same importance as a designer, and there are two reasons to believe that:

  1. Content-first design is what sits behind the entire explanation. In multiple cases, we would like to know what we have to tell before creating ways of delivering the information. It depends on the size of information, the attitude of the message, capabilities, etc.. and according to that, we might design how we deliver the content.
  2. Narrative UX is another reason, that assumes the acknowledgment of a user that what is needed to say at that moment is a part of a bigger conversation that has more people and tasks that made possible the communication between the business and user.

It is important to understand that these are not solutions for selling but are direct recommendations of what the users expect and at the same time for better user experience in general.


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