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In the global web market, it is well-known that the position of a web agency depends on service quality more than on anything else. But to provide the best services, you need to use the right technologies in the right project. Having this idea at the base of our services, we have always accepted different types of projects, knowing exactly what does the client want, and how to transform wishes into reality.

Now, in the new age of technological, social, and economic challenges, Mobiteam set up a new roadmap with the ultimate goal of redefining the web services and upgrade them to bring ultimate satisfaction for our clients and partners. Above all, this means:

  • Increased Flexibility
  • More Work Capacity
  • Wider Technology Collection
  • Extremely Optimized Processes
  • Advanced Technical Support
  • Comprehensive Consultancy
  • 100% Dedication to Projects & Partners

All these upgrades are reunited in those four main service directions that made Mobiteam a Top Web & Creative Agency from Berlin:

#1 Business Consulting

The Business Consulting direction from Mobiteam is about getting a different but yet professional perspective of how your business stands, works, progress, and the way it should be developed further. Based on our rich experience with over 33 projects only in the last year, we’ve met, listened, and helped all of our partners and clients to get the most of their businesses.

Since 2013 we have finetuned this service direction and learned through experience how to grow and develop businesses at any stage: from startups to market veterans, both online and offline – we walked the same road together with partners and clients providing genuine business consulting services that resulted in outstanding performance
The Business Consulting direction from Mobiteam includes the following services:

  1. Web Project Consulting is related to developing the business online and making the right decisions for the best performance on the web. Here, Mobiteam helps you find answers to questions like How to fit the market? How to validate a web product? How to invest smartly in a web project? What are the real priorities for an online business like the one you have? Additional to these questions you can learn much more about other perspectives of business development since you have as a partner the top web & creative agency from Berlin.
  2. Offline Business Consulting focuses more on how to bring your business on the web. Mobiteam will create together with you the entire roadmap which will enable you to have a strong and consolidated presence on the web since the very first day there. From a brand new website to short-term business strategies – you can rely on our expertise and professionalism to help you build your business in the digital world.

#2 Web Design

The web design direction from Mobiteam helps your web project look amazing! Either it is about a new website or about an existing one we always use the latest technologies and follow the latest trends to design a web product that corresponds to your business positioning, market requirements, and client’s desire. For the web design direction, here at Mobiteam, we consider that images show more than the words can describe – and that’s an invitation to visit our portfolio

The entire web design direction includes more services than its name:

  1. Website/eCommerce Design is the first service we provide straight after business consulting. This is an entire, sophisticated process that is optimized to the maximum for the client. Since this is very important to all businesses, Mobiteam coordinates each design step with the client – from colors, sketching up to the final version everything in this service is precise, and at the same time creative. Mobiteam not only designs new websites, but it is also specialized in redesigning the one already exist, and a very proud example is our own website.
  2. Visual Identity and Logo Design is a separate service in the same direction of web design. The visual identity and logo design from Mobiteam are appropriate for both who are ready to face the big-brand world or for those who think their businesses need a new, fresh look. Either way, our Design Department generated works we are proud of, and, needless to say – made Mobiteam a Top Web Design & Creative Agency from Berlin.

#3 Web Development

What makes Mobiteam a top web development agency from Berlin is the capacity to handle all web development technologies and master with great accuracy the code. Mobiteam Web Development Department successfully launched all accepted web projects: from landing pages, business websites up to complex eCommerce platforms, Mobiteam integrated them all in the digital worlds using most advanced techniques and technologies existing today. The Web Development direction includes several services that are connected to technologies used and to the type of web project handled. Out of the wide variety of web development services, which come hand in hand with consultancy and web design services, we want to highlight the following:

  1. eCommerce/Online Shops development is one important service that Mobiteam executes with professionalism and devotion. Regardless of the size and complexity of eCommerce, Mobiteam developed more than 20 online shops from and outside Germany. Delivering the development part requires advanced knowledge of functionalities, payment systems, third-party installations, and all of them are coordinated as well with the client. Progressing and succeeding in complex eCommerce delivery made us the Top Web Development Agency from Berlin according to Mobiteam customer’s review
  2. Technical Maintenance is what we always do once the project is delivered. We are happy to help our partners and clients to understand easier how to handle their new web product by providing assistance and instructions. But aside this, technical maintenance also means design updates or website edits – things that our developers provide even after the project is complete. We like to keep an eye on the good function of your website, create future design updates, new pages, banners, pop-ups, code updates, security services

#4 Online Marketing & SEO

The Online Marketing & SEO services from Mobiteam helps businesses to increase their visibility on the web, promote products and services and also grow organically on Search Engines.

When it comes to Online Marketing, Mobiteam develops a marketing strategy commonly agreed and accepted by the client which helps business processes to sync with marketing and generate a healthy online business. Our experience convinced us that the best online marketing strategy offers an early boost in the first place and consolidates results even after the marketing process is finished.

But that’s not all, together with Mobiteam you can choose to run a PPC campaign on social media, promote the business with Google Adwords and integrate those two in one big marketing campaign that will increase business visibility on the web.

Another service we are proud of is SEO. Here, Mobiteam will take care of everything – from keywords, content writing, editing, up to link building. Mobiteam encourages organic growth and investing in a long-standing SEO strategy that will generate relevant traffic to your website.

There are many web agencies, but there is only one Top Web & Creative Agency. With Mobiteam you are in good company.


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