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Since it’s release back in 2003, WordPress has become the most popular Content Management System (CMS) and conquered all the markets step by step with huge explosions of popularity within the web development & web design industry due to its features and flexibility. So nowadays we come to see that more than 30% of the internet running on WordPress which is quite a performance for a CMS that came around more than a decade ago and still sticks around now when so many CMS platforms released new features adapted to the 21st-century requirements. 

In what concerns Berlin, Mobiteam is a leading web design & web development agency that provides the highest quality websites based on WordPress CMS and not only. But as we were not the first to come with WordPress here, we understood that it was so popular even since WordPress was released. 

There are more than a couple of reasons why WordPress is trending in web design requirements here in Berlin, and as a top WordPress agency, Mobiteam studied & identified what are the reasons behind WordPress CMS popularity and why is still trending. 

#1 FREE & Open Source

This reason is one of the most fundamental and widespread around the world and, is not related only to WordPress CMS, but to any digital good that it’s free and productive. So WordPress continues to be #1 CMS mainly because it’s free & Open Source. 

In other words, everybody here and there would like to get a cozy, free to get, free to use, free to publish & always updated CMS – and WordPress is the answer to all of this. The latest statics show that every day there are over 500 WordPress websites published, and every second, there are 17 published articles or blog posts on WordPress.  This pretty much says a lot about how popular it is from the very beginning. 

#2 Provides The Best Usability

In terms of user-friendliness, WordPress CMS is the champion, as both publishers & users feel really comfortable with it. One huge advantage of WordPress is that it requires almost no coding knowledge, compared to other CMS like Drupal, and this makes it the favorite for both beginners & professionals. 

What it really takes is basic HTML knowledge to start using WordPress, and here in Berlin, many startups are built on it, as well as a lot of IT schools start the basics with WordPress. 

On the other hand, WordPress based websites are easy to navigate & understand for users as well. Due to high customization opportunities given to developers, everything is intuitive and user-friendly on any WordPress websites. Business owners that want to expand their presence online usually ask for a WordPress website because the terms of development are shorter and the results are higher. 

#3 More SEO advantages

As the competition is tough, here in Berlin business owners ask frequently: what is the most SEO friendly CMS you can build a website? And the answer is highly motivated by marketing actions that need to be taken immediately the website is launched, and even in the content placement phase of the website development process. 

WordPress is more SEO-friendly than other CMS as it was initially created for blogging – the place where SEO matters more, and where authors live because of SEO results. Nonetheless, WordPress CMS developed and extended its SEO friendliness over the websites built on it, which means that now not only bloggers can enjoy the coziness of SEO for their articles, blog posts & websites, but as well business owners that decide to build a website on WordPress can. 

This great news was explored to the maximum in the past years, and now almost all websites that rank in the most popular keywords for their industries are WordPress websites, which again is a huge advantage towards other CMS. 

Another reason related to SEO is that WordPress provides the most easy-to-use multilingual support for websites ever since it came as a CMS, and both developers, agencies & business owners are only happy to use this advantage for their own gain

#4 Highly Customizable

Probably this should’ve been the second reason why Berlin agencies provide and business owners ask for WordPress CMS websites. The high level of customization of WordPress can grow to infinite: from plugins up to themes everything depends on your decision, and for each customizable point there are lots of alternatives provided uniquely by developers & designers that dedicated their work to WordPress CMS. 

So if a theme is applied to a WordPress website, it can look in hundreds of ways and modified to any requirements and create an unrecognizable image for all types of websites. This feature/advantage also touches the functionalities: with WordPress CMS people have the chance to choose how the website works, in what directions and together with what tool. 

We don’t say that other CMS provide the same customization features, but with WordPress, everything is easier and this explains the #1 place among other CMS. 15% of the top 100 websites worldwide – are based on WordPress, and on the list, you can find: CNN, Time, Fortune, TechCrunch & more.  And from what Mobiteam developed and designed so far, 65% of all websites are based on WordPress. 

Given these facts & advantages, WordPress still remains the #1 CMS in Germany, and especially in Berlin, and according to our predictions, it will stay at the top for at least another decade unless something unexpected happens.

Mobiteam is the #1 web design & web development in Berlin, based on the number of delivered WordPress projects and on the quality of WordPress websites according to our partners & clients, and we continue our hard work to deliver all of our projects on time and in the best shape


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