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Sometimes the best strategy for social media advertising seems to be paid/sponsored posts. At least one out of 5 businesses applied or had a serious thought about paid social media advertising. Most of the time, the results were under the expectations, and ultimately gave up to sponsored posts. 

The real issue with low (er) results of paid social media advertising is hidden in details – that require human resources and time. 

In the following article, we will talk about 3 reasons why paid & organic social media advertising should be combined to get the best results. 

To continue the thought of low social media advertising results, business owners don’t really get that paying money to social media platforms can be as useless as having a cat to bark at competitors. For this reason, business owners and social media managers should adopt a clear strategy when promoting their page, website, products or services: 

#1 Build a community 

When paying for ads to promote a business, it is necessary to interact organically with users, or promoting organic interaction between users and your page/posts. 

The idea of building a community is efficient and implemented on a large scale because it makes a business sociable and thus, improves the image – the interaction between business and users while having paid ads – actually converts people from simple followers – to clients. 

There is a set of ways that help you build a community while having paid ads on social media, and among the most efficient are: 

  • Tease the followers 
  • Encourage, incite to sociability 
  • Call to action activities
  • Ask their opinion
  • Publish emotional posts

All these will help the business to grow and gain not only visibility but as well as popularity in a shorter time than if you wouldn’t combine paid social with organic activities. 

#2 Convert more users

There are a lot of ways how to convert users, and many times it depends on what business we are talking about. But once you run a paid social media campaign, you don’t want to simply get likes – what actually paid ads mostly do. On the other hand, you wouldn’t expect to get clients directly from paid ads, as the conversion rate is minimal in these types of cases. 

Conducting another organic campaign for your community is a great way to convert users that already clicked your ad. And you can do this by convincing users why they should choose you, and reassuring already existing ones why they made the right choice. 

If approached correctly the conversion rate should grow at 45 degrees up, and this will only happen if the organic campaign is synced with the paid social media advertising campaign. 

#3Improve your reputation

The connection between paid social media advertising and online reputation is tight enough to create fluctuations in your image. 

Because another purpose of social media advertising is related to feedback that can be expressed in comments, reviews, or reactions to your sponsored posts, there always should be an organic activity that will monitor the reactions of the target market and respond in an appropriate manner to all reactions. 

It is widely known that the online reputation can be brought down by competition or other users especially in such vulnerable periods of paid social media activity – the moment when not only the business but as well reactions get higher visibility. For this reason, it is important to always direct your efforts in improving the business’s image, always responding and reacting to any attempt of decreasing the online reputation, but most of all – the focus should be on attracting as many as possible positive reviews. 

Of course, a well done social media campaign is a combination of paid & organic activities that demand a lot of resources and time, but the results should cover all efforts and bring profit. At Mobiteam, we help our partners and clients to get the best results out of their social media campaigns, plan and execute professional marketing strategies and deliver outstanding results on time


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