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If you are thinking about contacting a web design agency in 2019, probably you should know that some things have changed since last time you was searching for one. Without any doubt, finding and working with that perfect web design agency you wish, is not an easy task, at least not when you start. The market is overflowing with attractive design works and agencies that promise to do better, faster, and cheaper; One of the most important things you should know is don’t rush in taking a decision, because even a deep research may not reveal the entire potential of a specific agency, and in this way you got a less efficient web design agency to work with, in most of the cases.

As Mobiteam is one of the biggest web design agencies in Berlin and Germany overall, we have insight info we want to share, so you can save your time and money in finding the right web design agency for your business.


#1. Define Your Project Goals

Before you even start searching, we recommend to have a precise list of what you want to achieve, both on short term and long term. In this way you can help yourself to understand better what to ask from a web design agency and what answers you should expect.


#2. Take your time and dig deeper

Now that you set your goals and objectives, it’s time to surf the web and find the web design agency that fits your requirements. But, there is always a“but” – the most common mistake agency seekers do, is to search first page on Google and choose one of those.  If you google the first page “web design company”, “web design agency”, “web design [location]”, you will end up with the most expensive companies, and not always the best. First page results are nearly 1% of what you can get, and agencies displayed there invest lot of resources in marketing rather than in efficient staff & tech. We recommend taking a couple of days, and go down to 3rd-4th page of results. In this way you will get a better picture of the entire market, and set a list of your favourite-by-appearance web design agencies. Also, you may notice that agencies found on other pages than first, provide a wider range of services at lower price with better quality.


#3. Opt for big IT cities and centres

Going for big IT cities and centres is a wise decision to take. Places where a lot of web design agencies compete is a heaven for clients like you by all means. First of all, big IT centres are places where you can find great ideas and latest technologies, because competition stimulates development, the wildest and yet the most original ideas breakthrough. Second, there is a huge variety of professional web design agencies to choose from. Third, a direct consequence of competition is lower prices, so choosing a web design agency from a big IT centre gets you higher quality, lower prices and a huge marketplace. Now, if your business is located in a city where there is not much to say about web industry, it would be better to look for a web design agency from Berlin, or any other place that makes you feel confident in your decision.


#4. Don’t be afraid of outsourcing

Actually you should go for it. Web design agencies that do outsourcing are more experienced and forced by circumstances to keep a clean image in order to continue their activity. Usually, business owners partially avoid outsourcing agencies as it may inspire low(er) confidence. The truth is, the future of B2B lays in outsourcing, as technology advances and digital services continue to provide better solutions. According to Forbes, B2B and B2C are facing challenges in a transition period to the new digital realities, or making these changes is not as simple as it looks like. Also, on Forbes, you can read about top considerations for outsourcing B2B lead generation.

But there is more to it, relations with your web design agency count a lot to your success, and a huge advantage is that an outsourcing web design agency will more likely treat you like a partner rather than you will get a bossy and full of conditions treatment from a regular agency.


In the end, finding the right web design agency may turn into a difficult process or in a successful collaboration, so make sure you don’t regret the decision you’ve taken and choose wisely.


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