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If your business is old enough, or big enough – it already met negative reviews. If not, then it will definitely meet. Each negative review and/or negative client has also a positive impact: in case your business reputation relies on reviews, then potential customers are more likely to believe reviewers that criticize your business, and those who answer correctly to a negative review.

In this article, we will talk about transforming negative reviews into a working process for your business and why it may impact your business big time.

Long Story Short. Highlights

  • A negative review received from an existing client is the best opportunity to notice that a business process does not work correctly.
  • Your true intentions to solve the problem can transform the negative reviewer into a brand ambassador Even if the reviewer is not willing to discuss and find a solution, your sharp and cold answer that provides the best logical solution can convince the audience that your business is working properly, and the reason behind the negative review is just an isolated case.
  • For extreme situations, there is the complain-on-review option (in some places), but it’s better to use it when everything else doesn’t work out.

For many business owners and managers, it happens to find a negative review that’s not relevant and most probably is fake. The question right after is: To ignore, or to answer? And how?

Why You Should Answer Negative reviews

  • Receive useful feedback

If the review comes from a real customer, then it reveals some key points where your business could grow. When the business doesn’t come up to the customer’s expectations, you may find that the situation could repeat further with other clients, and answering the negative feedback can get your hands on some very useful information that will help the business prevent such situations.

  • Dominate the ground of your product and service

In case the unsatisfied customer doesn’t get an answer to his review in the first place, things may get worse. The same customer can express his concerns and worries, as well as its disappointment on social media, forums, chats, and even worse – talking with friends about it. This is why it’s important to prevent such situations, and answer directly, sharp and calm to a negative review, and keep things under control.

  • Attract other potential customers

Answering a negative review means working with the reviewer and also with the entire audience. In this way, your business offers the opportunity to choose the most convincing part in the entire argument, and thus, convert potential customers into real ones.

Set Your Goals Correctly

The first thing you may want to do answering a negative review is to prove that the reviewer is not right. This is not the most constructive solution, since the reviewer is set to a fight and has all his ammo ready to demolish your point of view.

The right solution for negative reviews is trying to understand what happened and help. If the reviewer will see that you are ready to help and be in its shoes for a while, it will most likely agree to change the review once the situation is solved.

But even if the reviewer doesn’t agree with your point of view, but it understands – you already achieved your goal. Next time, when such reviews will occur, customers will feel less frustrated since you have already explained the situation. However, the best solution to solve negative reviews is to erase the issue that causes such events.

How To Answer

The first tip – try to deal with your feelings before you start answering negative reviews. But also, don’t take too much time to answer.

If you need time to find out what happened – write about it. The reviewers, as well as the audience, will see that somebody is handling the situation which will definitely increase your rating.

In case you obviously have noticed that the problem was caused by your business – apologize, and if it’s the case, provide compensation or an alternative solution. As well thank the reviewer for identifying such issues, and his help in preventing this type of situation.

Also, if you need more data to understand the situation – ask for the reviewer’s help. It will be more than happy to provide such information.

While discussing with the reviewer, try to find out his profile: age, gender, type, location – all this data will help you find the best approach and convince the audience that you are answering the review correctly.

Being open and honest is also important. Try to avoid template answers and official declarations, talk as you are and the audience as well as the reviewer will appreciate it.

When Communication Fails

But even being open to solving the issue and talking with the reviewer does not guarantee that the reviewer is willing to talk, either because he doesn’t follow the review thread, or because it never addressed your business. You always have to be ready to face such situations, and for each case, there is a general answer that needs to be adapted depending on the circumstances and business field.

  • The review does not contain enough information, and the reviewer doesn’t answer.

In case the text has unclear information and the reviewer has a questionable reputation, you can either complain on review or answer with the exact text that clears out the situation. In this case, your audience will get the idea that you are willing to do everything to solve the problem.

  • The review contains a clear description of the problem, but the reviewer doesn’t reply

If the review has clear information about the problem (e.g. when it happened, at what location, who was involved), the reviewer has the right not to reply. In this case, it’s best to suggest a way to solve the problem and be open to any further discussion.

  • Such a client never existed

This is a good reason to prove in the review thread that you have never worked with such a client. But also, make the audience understand that the stated issue would have been solved as other former customers benefited from the incriminated services.

  • You suppose that the review was written by competitors

If it was the competitors the ones who write you negative reviews, try to ask for precise information. You can find out if it was a real or inexisting client if the reviewer doesn’t reply with such data. But, suspecting that all negative reviews come from competitors is not a good idea.

Check-list of a good answer to negative reviews

  • Quick answer
  • Gratitude to the reviewer for his contribution
  • No emotional talk
  • Ask for detailed information
  • In case you are guilty, apologize and compensate
  • Talk as you are, personally, avoid using the official language
  • Bring arguments to support your statement
  • Understand the reviewer’s position and improve your services based on the provided information

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