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Redesigning your website may impact in different ways your business activity and its performance both in a good way and in a bad way. Whether you choose a web design agency to do this or do it on your own, you always have to be careful about several factors that have a big impact on the final product.

Since we, the top web design agency from Berlin designed and redesigned quite a number of websites for our partners and clients, in this article we will talk about the most important features and aspects that changed the performance of businesses in many cases after the website redesign.

#1 Conversion Rate

For sure one of the most expected effects after redesigning the website is to increase the conversion rate and thus, increasing the sales of products and services. Usually, the conversion rate improves after the redesign, as the websites get improved user experience, a better showcase of goods and services, and a new look that comes to be more representative for the brand.

But things are not as simple as they may look like and the simple redesign without a good knowledge of SEO, and especially crawlability and link building the conversion rate goes down. The conversion rate depends directly on the click-through rate a website gets, and simply if the website is not visible enough, you will only get a beautiful website for yourself.

#2 Traffic

A new and fresh look is a great way to increase website traffic. The main reason is that your newly redesigned website will get, hopefully, better optimized than your previous website. This means better page speed, more organized content, more colors, and better-represented products and services

But as I wrote previously, this may not be enough to increase traffic, and most of all to get relevant traffic – users that buy, that are interested and ready to share the information and even to re-visit the newly redesigned website later

When you are aiming for more traffic, it is important to apply all search engine recommendations and guidelines, to make yourself visible and grow organically. Getting organic traffic for your website is probably the best way to improve your business performance in the cheapest way. Yes, organic growth takes a while, but it’s a one-time effort which in the long run proved to be the key to success for many of our partners and clients. So, unless you have a lot of money to spend on commercials, ads, PPC campaigns, and artificially grow traffic and attract new users, you should take into consideration growing organic and reveal that newly redesigned website to others.

#3 Bounce Rate

It’s great if the newly redesigned website will retain the users more on the website and provide all information they need or at least do it’s best to do so. Bounce rate is actually one of the traffic regulators which helps users to find the needed information and as well, bouncing redistributes the traffic to different web resources in order to help users achieve their goal to the detriment of websites that fight to keep them as much as possible on its pages.

User-friendly design and organized content will help you lower the bounce rate and retain users more on your resource. However, the bounce rate does not depend only on design, but as well it is about content. So instead of placing incomplete information, but good-looking, we recommend finding a balance between how it looks and how it feels.

Design with Mobiteam

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Designing a website with Mobiteam is a worry-free process. We make it look good and deliver measurable results no matter the requirements and business industry.

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