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The pandemic context moved most of the businesses on the web and made the existing ones innovate and improve their services just to maintain their existence. But apart from the current situation, there are more, basic reasons why your business needs a website now in 2020.

In this article, we will talk about why digital presence is important for your business, ways of improving the digital presence, and its importance for the entire market. So, let’s start with why you should have a website for your business.


#1 Attract new customers and discover your audience

Have you ever thought that your business is not fully developed and not everybody knows about you?! Well, that’s probably because they can’t see you on the web enough. In most cases a simple social media page is just not enough for your audience to get to know you better; It’s not the same feeling of trust and you are not really getting in touch with customers and audience. Also, a website provides way more possibilities to develop your business, such as revealing your style and brand, integrating payment services, or simply showing off your portfolio, products, and services which may attract new customers.

While for your business discovering new customers is important, for your audience is essential to know about your business before acquiring services and products from you. Having a website will help your audience to decide if it’s worth trying your products or services and why; How good are you compared to your competitors and as well they can help you improve your business.

#2 Acquire More Visibility

So, people are expecting to find you online in the first place. This is the first thought that comes to mind, and many business owners decide from the very first moment to have a website, an app, or both. It’s the digital century and almost everyone has purchased at least once a product online. So taking into consideration these indicators, once your product or service was considered good by someone it will be searched on the web and it would be a pity for both not to get a decent result about it.

So yes, your business loses a lot for not being on the web. But if your business is already online but you still don’t get enough digital presence, you can always check our advertorial which our audience will like it and your business will have good visibility from the start.

#3 Consolidated Market Positioning

There is no industry nowadays that doesn’t have competition, otherwise an uncompetitive industry is meant to fall. No matter the type of industry your business belongs to, sooner or later you will hit competitors that provide the same type of products and services as your business does, and you will have to prove why you are better. On the web, this is easier, faster, and more efficient than offline. Just taking the simple reviews as an example and its impact on overall can lead to a significant increase or decrease in your business.

Having a website will expand your possibilities to manipulate with figures, technology, start or reset your marketing strategy and business model. In other words, a website offers more flexibility to your business and adds durability. This will help you have better management and control the processes, and also build your brand from scratch which will lead to more trust from your audience.


So, in case your business is already online and has a website but you think something is missing, here are some ways of how you can get more from it, and grow your business on the web.

#1 Implement SEO recommendations and best practices

This is probably the first investment you have to do in your business’ website once it’s done. Organic growth is right now trending and popular among online businesses and business owners. Implementing SEO recommendations can take longer than just a couple of weeks, but once it’s done you will feel the difference and will gain a solid playground where to start from.

Doing SEO on your own can be tricky and will consume your energy and time, so it’s not something Mobiteam recommends to do. But hiring a specialist in adjusting your website and bringing it to a decent level may be the right decision. If you involve enough into the process you will be able to understand what are the next steps and will be guided by the recommendations of SEO analysis to get the best performance.

On a side note, you can always count on Mobiteam to help you with Search Engine Optimization, and help the website reach a position where you can develop easier

#2 Try different marketing strategies

It is an obvious way of being more visible, but still, it needs to be mentioned as a separate chapter. Here, it is important to adapt your advertising/PR/marketing strategy to three important indicators that show you how and where to move:

  • Trends – are always showing you where the market moves, and what new approaches you may implement. Trends are determined by the following two indicators, technologies, and clients.
  • Technologies – every new technology may be a trend, or it may lead to marketing innovations and strategies.
  • Clients – are the ones that dictate what they like and don’t like in your products or services. You may expand your client network based on existing clients, or you can always try to innovate with new technologies and trends and find another target audience

On top of everything, there is always an unlimited number of new ways that will help you improve your online visibility, but counting them all in a single post doesn’t make sense, since each way is different for all. This is why we strongly recommend getting a quote so that we could discuss more each of your needs for your new or existing business website.


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