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If any business is started and or is connected to the web, a high priority is given to advertising. Classic marketing ways and strategies don’t have the same impact as they did 10 years ago, and everything has moved to the internet – consumers, market, competition, they are all there. 

The process of “giving a try” to different ways to promote the business online, can take a lot of time and resources, and until you find the right way, you understand that you lost the run from the very beginning.  

To make the task easier for you, Mobiteam identified the best 3 ways on how to advertise your business online: 

#1 Social Media

Well, of course, social media plays an important role in web advertising, as almost all consumers no matter the industry and the branch stay on social networks, some even use it abusively and spend a lot of time there. 

The real question is how to promote it on social media: 

  • Paid or free? 
  • By yourself or hire someone to do this for you?
  •  For how long? 
  • In what period?  

The list of questions can continue for a long time, and it gets more and more confusing.

But some things should be let in the hands of experts. And Social Media Marketing is one of them. It is best for everyone to get a digital marketing agency like Mobiteam is, and to find the answers to the above-mentioned questions by working together and developing an SMM strategy step by step. 

Also, there are some things you might want to know before proceeding to SMM advertisement, because, after all, you have to understand that this strategy is exactly what you need. This is why we recommend you to read our article about 3 Main Things for a Successful SMM Campaign from our previous article. Or you can simply contact us for a business consulting session. 

#2 Email Marketing

The time of “Subscribe Now” is over, while emails are more and more used by business owners, founders, executives & managers. This happens because emails evolved from a source of information to communication mean between business workers.

This leads us to the conclusion that not all that used to check their inbox are the same now, and most of all their position towards information through this channel is different now. 

However, advertising via emails still remains one of the best options for many service providers and even product sellers. Because even business owners, founders, executives, and managers remain consumers of services and products and checking their inbox is what they do systematically. 

And there are some other reasons why Email Marketing is one of the best ways to advertise a business online : 

  • Buying power –  email users are considered to be a buying force, and compared to social media users, the first ones are more wealthy. This statement is confirmed by statistics revealing that people aged between 25 – 65 use more email, and only youngsters between 15-24 are using social media in bigger proportions. 

  • Conversion rate – this advantage is supported by a series of facts and indicators in many areas. 

Receiving an advertisement material via email, convince users to take it more seriously than by seeing an ad on social media, and thus it takes more time to analyze and take a decision towards a specific advertising material. Also, paying attention to a commercial received by email, theoretically there is a higher chance to click, and even purchase the product or service seen earlier on advertising material you received, personally. 

The only challenge on email marketing is to get high-quality subscribers, related to your business. And high-quality assumes willing to pay, convertible, users of your competition’s products or services that have to be convinced to use something else than what they used before. 

If you are new in digital marketing but think that email advertising is for your business, it would be a good idea to contact Mobiteam for consultancy and advertising services, as our 8 years of experience on the market have proven to many of our partners and clients useful and productive.

#3 Advertising with Digital Agencies

It’s well known the fact that digital agencies, specialized including in digital advertising are a time-saving and at the same time efficient solution for many businesses and business owners. What can an advertising agency do is mainly integrated advertising services of social media advertising and email marketing, plus a series of other, not less important services that can bring & upkeep results. 

Except email marketing and social media advertising as mentioned earlier, digital agencies can provide a series of other services: 

  • Online Reputation Management – Your reputation online is always exposed and needs to be monitored and by case, fixed, improved and maintained at a high level. 
  • Social Media Optimisation – or shortly SMO – is needed to optimize & adapt a website for Social Media Campaigns to maintain the information always up-to-date
  • Search Engine Marketing – or SEM, is combo o services made out of SEO and WCO/CRO  that aims to promote your business on search engines and monitor its position based on the early agreed keywords
  • Inbound marketing – the use of a system based on 3 actions: Attract, Engage, Delight. This also includes non-commercial marketing actions like reviews and blog posts. 

Additional to the above-mentioned services, a digital agency can contribute to your business advertising with one more important element – experience. And if you are looking for an experienced agency, with a rich portfolio in digital marketing  – then Mobiteam is the right place to come. Together with Mobiteam, you will have your dedicated team of professionals that will work for your business and will be at your disposal for consulting, strategy development and implementation. 


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