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As everything starts with an idea and dedicated professionals, Mobiteam is not an exception. We started the same as everybody else, but ultimately, results depend less on how you start, and it’s more about how you grow. This article is about how to become a top web design agency, based on Mobiteam experience.

1. History of Huge Web Experience

Our success story finds its roots back to 2007 when one of our founders, Marcel Sobieski, was the COO of the Swiss company called Mobiteam AG, then after 3 years, in 2011 joining the efforts with RedSky – a Poland-based international web design and web development company. Red Sky created the Tech Behemoths Filestube.com. At that time, in 2012-2013, Filestube was world’s #83 website, according to Alexa.com. WOW! Then you remember the story with SOPA, and PIPA.

Afterward, in 2013 we created Teslathemes.com which was in Top20 Globally Premium WordPress Template Boutique. We sold this startup to Imagely LLC from the US in 2017. During the same years, we created another startup, Greedeals.com which was sold to a UK company in 2017 as well.

Then, we needed a break from startups and created WPMatic.io, which was the top Web Development, Design and WordPress Support agency, with Swiss roots. All these experiences and exits ranked high enough to offer us the well deserved moment of glory in the web industry. During this time, both as a team and individually, we gained an impressive amount of experience, excellent reputation and enough power and confidence to make ourselves known as Mobiteam – the Top Web Development and Web Design Agency.  We are honestly proud of our colleagues and specialists that made this intense road interesting and so resultative.

2. Perfect Planning – Building Reputation

The idea to create and develop Mobiteam was boosted by our team’s professionalism in each field of the web industry. Mobiteam had from the very beginning an excellent team of experts in web design, web development, business consulting, media & marketing – and these are mainly all ingredients to run (again) the perfect startup. When we put everything together, the team was excited to start working on the new projects, but at the same time we knew there is no room for mistakes, and everything has to be perfect, both on our website and in communication with partners. Speaking of which, the first results came shortly as many partners recognized us from our previous projects. On the other hand, our Marketing, Branding & Public relations actions were far from being finished. All just started for Mobiteam…

3.Take the Time to Study Your Partner – Individual Approach

Some call them clients, customers, buyers. We call them partners – this is the first thing to remember in case you access a Mobiteam web development, design, marketing or media service. Most of the web agencies, treat their partners as clients, have a standard attitude, offer the same solutions to multiple business owners and don’t dedicate all the necessary time and attention to the projects they are involved in.

For us, treating business owners as partners is a fundamental priority. It is like a war where you go together side by side and offer individual solutions, best suitable and well-thought alternatives, based on data, experience, and guts, to standard actions that will make a business partner grow stronger, become unique and ultimately conquer the market. Mobiteam’s experience with WPMatic and TeslaThemes was essential in developing unique business and web solutions for best, faster & long lasting results. Each business has its own war to win on the market, and Mobiteam proved to offer top solutions in all 45+ projects (not only in Berlin but globally) we had successfully delivered at the moment in 2018 only.

4. All projects count – size doesn’t matter

Additional to the individual approach, we pay the same attention to all sizes and all types of projects. This is a key moment that makes us unique and brought us to the top. Due to the importance we give to each project, we made a good name in all industries and gained trust from our partners up to even being recommended by them to other business owners.

As this is a key moment for us, we want to share that smaller projects are sometimes more complicated than larger ones, they bring rather financial loss than profit, but in time, with a professional approach from different angles like web design and web development, all small projects grew big and exceeded most of the times our partners’ expectations, and obviously, they returned to us, for the next phases and upgrades. If you want, you may call it this way – we “invested” in the projects we believed and some of them succeeded, returning therefore to us and, making the expected profit, we planned.

5. White Label in the Web Industry

It’s not like the wheel was reinvented but it’s a strong point in working with other agencies. White Label is a business solution that allows a company/agency to take over some other projects from another partner agency or company that is for the moment overwhelmed by projects. The key feature is not to let any marks of your own while helping with a project. This means that the credits go to the agency that initially contracted the project. It’s a simple and safe solution, where both parts put a lot of effort to deliver the best possible result. This unique feature saved a lot of partner agencies, and Mobiteam gained its respectful place and brilliant reputation not only among partners that apply for web design, development, marketing & media services but also among other web agencies like us. But, there is more to it: even business owners want a clean web design without backlinks & credits, so White Label is a perfect solution for them as well.

6. Research. Extend. Improve

A top web design agency like Mobiteam is, both in Berlin and worldwide,  always invests time, money & resources in research, in order to extend the range of services & cover new markets. Even if to climb to the top of the web industry was not an easy path to walk through, staying on top is even more difficult, because there is always enough room for improvements. The living example is that Mobiteam is found almost on all the related keyword for our business on the first page on Google. Kudos to the marketing team here!

As techniques and technologies get more and more each day, Mobiteam always follows the trends, and make a precise selection of what tools deserve the real attention, and would bring a consistent contribution in web design, development, marketing & media fields. This is a continuous process we are permanent engaged in to provide best business solutions  and up to date strategies to new market requirements. It’s impossible to know and cover all the technologies. Do not believe those who cover everything: web design, web development, photography, vlogging, fitness instructor, musician, and traveler, all in one. We are good, some say great, at Web Design and Web Development and are located in Berlin and Chisinau.


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