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3 Easy Steps To Build a Creative Email Template

SEO & Growth Hacking Web Design

Let’s face it – it’s 2018, there’s absolutely no reason why building a creative email template for your business needs to be such a pain anymore.

Email marketing used to be completely off limits for small businesses until a couple of years ago. Let’s have a look at how things used to be until not so long ago. You had to go to extreme lengths to find a designer who understood the limitations that email building presents, and was able to provide a good looking template without going too crazy with certain design patterns or elements. Next up, you would have to have a team of developers or hire one. This was not an easy task by any means because you needed to make sure that they know their stuff. Email coding is not to be taken lightly, and cross-client compatibility is not something that’s all that easy to achieve. This would more often than not end up in an almost continuous loop of testing, fixing and updating the same templates.

WordPress Installation: The Complete Checklist

SEO & Growth Hacking Web Development

There is a reason you choose to use WordPress, even though there are other blogging platforms out there. The ease of use, plugins, navigation, search engine friendliness, and many other benefits make WordPress the ideal open source software to utilize. What’s more, it’s free to use.

Before you begin, however, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is your hosting.

12 Quick Tips about Using WordPress

WordPress is a highly flexible platform that offers many customization options to create the website or blog you need quickly and easily. Because it is an open source platform that offers plugins, themes, and constant development, there is a lot tips, tricks, and advice out there, and not all of it is useful. WordPress has simplified the task of having a website built for business. It is easy to update and maintain, which is a great advantage for many webmasters. Here are some quick tips that will be helpful in running your WordPress website.

10 Tips to make your professional WordPress website


Having been using WordPress for decades, I wanted to share Useful Tips to Customize Your WordPress Site. These few tips will help you avoid making the same mistakes that most people make. WordPress is a great platform that allows you to create professional-looking websites easily, but there are certain things you may need to change to make your WordPress website stand out.

These are small things that will make a lot of difference in your WordPress site. Here are ten tips that you can apply right away, to make your WordPress website looks professional.

10 Reasons Why We Love WordPress

WordPress is an open source program that is taking over the Web. This blogging platform is deeply loved by web design programmers and developers, and if you take a look at the numerous blogging platforms that are popular on the Internet these days, you will see that almost forty percent of blogs created are hosted on the WordPress platform. Even Google’s Blogspot platform cannot hold a candle to WordPress.

WordPress is one of the easiest content management systems out there; it has a perceptive interface, which makes the frequent addition of new pages, images, or blog posts  easy to implement. The simple technology of WordPress reduces the time spent on formatting to a very large extent.

Size Matter: How To Optimize Your WordPress Site

Let’s face it: we live in a world of instant gratification. People are so impatient; if they visit your website and the images do not load quickly, they will leave. It seems that those using a mobile device have even shorter attention spans. When your blog or site fails to load in five seconds, off they go.

Images on your WordPress blog or site are essential; they give visual appeal to content and make the posts or articles on the websites enjoyable to read. Without the use of images, a lot of websites will be boring. When visitors only see a block of text they tend to leave quickly. Images have been known to improve the search engine optimization of websites. ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ as the saying goes, and this is entirely true for the brain can process photos faster than it processes text.

The Ultimate Tools to Maintain a WordPress Website

Being the owner of a WordPress site can be both daunting and rewarding. Rewarding, because it is easy to build and customize with no need for a developer to build a basic working website. Daunting, because you’re limited to the default design, and in case you don’t know how to code, it can be difficult to get rid of bugs. Most importantly, WordPress isn’t very secure.

6 Ways to Avoid Having Your WordPress Site Hacked

The first step to avoid being hacked is ensuring the security of your WordPress website or blog. WordPress is the most used open source CMS in the world. It has so many advantages due to its flexibility, and you can do almost anything with it. But it also has one disadvantage: it can be attacked by hackers somewhat easily (if you do not maintain it properly), and other vulnerabilities can compromise the performance of your WordPress website.

5 Reasons Why Your Startup is Better With WordPress


WordPress is currently the most popular CMS available, powering over 74.6 million websites. Statistics also shows that 6 new posts are being published every second through WordPress. Amazing, right?
Today, we will discuss why WordPress is the best CMS for your startup.

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