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Top AR Directions & Trends for 2020

SEO & Growth Hacking

In the last year, we’ve seen a growing influence of both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality usage on all markets, but especially in industries that are related to digital goods and services. However, the extensive development of AR and VR doesn’t resume only to these markets, and by the end of 2019, they become a […]

How Seravo Redefined WordPress Hosting and Upkeep Standards


WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms as almost a third of online “real estate” of the world runs on it. Although it is the best possible solution for a company website, it is also great for e-commerce, or more complex projects. But with all its greatness that WordPress provides, there are also […]

What is Dark Mode and Why is it a Web Design Trend in 2020

Web Design

For a good period now, the dark mode design is trending in both web and mobile design, and even though it has different shapes and shades, reinventing it proved to be difficult enough.  There are many versions and rumors about the history of the dark mode: Some said it’s Apple who invented it, others say […]

3 Things That Will Help You Rank Higher on Google

SEO & Growth Hacking

Google is full of articles like this, indeed. Everybody is an expert and they all try to “help” you get your position higher on specific keywords you focus on. Some make good money on this, others are trying their luck, and only few can share the real story based on their experience of how they […]

How Mobiteam Became a Top Branding Agency In Berlin

SEO & Growth Hacking Web Design

Besides being a Top Web Design and Web Development agency, Mobiteam is one of the most prominent Branding Agencies from Berlin as well. And like any other successful paths, ours started a long time ago – in 2014 when we decided to march towards the digital marketing segment.  Developing our marketing & branding department became […]

Berlin – Der beste Ort, um erstklassige Agenturen für Webentwicklung und -design zu finden


Die Internetbranche ist eine der produktivsten und wird mit jedem Tag größer und wichtiger. Von Webentwicklung und -gestaltung, über künstliche Intelligenz, bis hin zu Nanotechnologie, konkurrieren Firmen miteinander um die meisten Kunden zu gewinnen und möglichst viele Bereiche abzudecken. Das 21. Jahrhundert ist ohne Zweifel die Zeit, in der alles mit und über das Internet […]

6 Entscheidende Gründe, Wie Und Warum Mobiteam Die Führende Agentur Für Webdesign in Berlin, Deutschland


Alles beginnt mit einer Idee und engagiertem Fachpersonal; Mobiteam ist hierbei keine Ausnahme. Wir fingen an wie alle anderen, aber die Ergebnisse hängen letztendlich weniger davon ab, wie man begonnen hat, sondern vielmehr davon, wie man mit der Zeit gewachsen ist. Dieser Artikel beschreibt, wie man eine führende Agentur für Webgestaltung wird, basierend auf der […]

How to Choose a Top Branding Agency for Your Business

SEO & Growth Hacking

Rebranding your company is a significant investment and a huge responsibility on your shoulders. When you commit to the cost and time that a rebrand entails, you want to make sure the job is done right. That’s why choosing a branding agency can feel like such a daunting endeavor. You want a partner with the […]

Families of Logo Designs: Tips To Choose Your First Logo

Web Design

If you have everything ready for launching your business online and only have to decide on what logo to choose to create, then you have to know that trends change more than once per year and every time there is a trending type of logo that breaks the market. But as well, there are different […]

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