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Ecommerce Migration Tool: Cart2Cart Detailed Review


When store migration is on the horizon, e-merchants start looking for the ways and tools to perform the job. After a quick Google search, they usually discover Cart2Cart as one of the most used and talked about ways to switch eCommerce platforms. With the boom of online buying and selling practices, switching across various shopping […]

How Web Directories Impact SEO in 2020

SEO & Growth Hacking

Web directories were the core of searching websites even before Google appeared. Back then, there were not so many sites on the web, and basically you could find them via different directories, which mainly filtered the websites by their type or field of activity. But now, in 2020 when search engines took over the job, […]

What is Search Marketing and How Does It Work

SEO & Growth Hacking

Search marketing is a comprehensive branch of digital marketing that includes a series of activities related to traffic, SEO, online reputation, PPC, and everything in between. It is used on a large scale on a daily basis by marketing specialists and SEO experts for most of the online businesses in order to attract more relevant […]

Top Creative Services To Find in Berlin

SEO & Growth Hacking Web Design

If by any chance you are in Berlin and looking for creative digital services, be sure you are in the right place. As the digital center of Europe, Berlin is able to offer a wide range of all kinds of creative agencies with different range of services. While some are focused on specific creative services, […]

How Headings Help Your Website Rank Better

SEO & Growth Hacking

Headings are important for both users and search engines. They are usually used to highlight the text and reveal the main idea of what the following text section or paragraph is. Also, another important role of headings is to show the connection path on the entire text and how all ideas are arranged. In this […]

How Mobiteam Work Process Goes, and Why It is Unique

SEO & Growth Hacking

If services define the top position of Mobiteam on the market, then the work process is what ensures a high-level of provided services. Since 2013, Mobiteam adapted and improved its work process depending on the client’s requirements and type of project – everything to make it easier for the client to work with us no […]

Top Interviews: Johan Thorell – Harvard Business School Alumni

Top Interviews

The way up to the top is different for all of us, but what makes it so special is the length, difficulty, and experience. Johan Thorell, today’s Mobiteam guest, thinks that having the chance to learn and work with most talented people in the field you are developing, is a blessing that can speed up […]

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