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Why Web Reviews Count, But Not Always and Anywhere

Web reviews enjoy a huge popularity today among masses and have a powerful impact on the decision-making process when one thinks to acquire a specific product or service. This trend is boosted by low trust in marketing campaigns that often say something and do another thing, while buyers can provide to each other authentic information based on real experience with honest images and videos about a delivered product or service.

Moreover, reviews and reviewers have turned this process into a branch of marketing industry, that follow different purposes like attracting traffic, promoting another similar product than  the one that has already been reviewed or simply to make spoiler alerts of a new & of public interest product, or service that has not yet reached a specific market or market in general.

For more than 4 years Mobiteam has followed this topic with high interest and completed enough number of researches by gathering data and information from all markets, and now we can share why reviews count, but not always and anywhere:

Some reviews count more than others

It’s all about someone’s status, that usually provides credibility to other potential customers. In other words, e-commerce platforms, like AliExpress, Amazon, Facebook, Google have developed the user ranking system.

It works easy and is based on the theory “the more you buy – the higher the rank”. But this is just one side of the coin: even if this feature offers credibility to potential clients, it also convinces users to create at least the account with full information, so that the company can implement specific marketing strategies and target more accurately the users.

In the web industry, we have a number of companies that give others the opportunity to review web design, web development, media and marketing agencies, like Mobiteam. We talk here about Digital Agency Network, or As for reviews – they count the same, and all have equal statuses, which offer different web agencies the same chance to get a better ranking and let others decide if one review is more relevant than another.

It is important where you find the review

As mentioned earlier in the article, you can find a lot of places where companies can be found and reviewed, and the review process itself has been turned into a branch of the marketing industry. For sure a review on Google will have a wider audience than other review-based websites, but that may not be what you wish.

While Google is the almighty search engine, it may not capture the audience that you focus your services on, and thus, it doesn’t provide a company the much needed high-quality leads. Or, if it is to look from a different angle, you may not find the information you need about a company or so. For specific info, the websites that focus their activity on reviews are probably the best answer. Mobiteam researches had shown that in almost all fields there are ranking websites, articles, videos, and even books that list best companies in their field of activity, and give users the opportunity to rate and review the quality of products and services.

Time is Also Important

If you want to check an agency’s activity, then you may want to take a closer look at when the last review was published. Up to 5% of agencies that are still listed on Google and ranking websites are dumped agencies. These were either sold, fused or broke.

What’s interesting is that their position is not a bad one, and the reason for which are still there may be the traffic they still have. A top traffic bringer can be used for many purposes, out of which I will outline the biggest two:

  1. Redirects for other websites – it can be to their new website or “rented” to other companies
  2. Sale – the agency sold the domain, with all its traffic for really nice money

But, in case the agency is still alive and the review is older than 1 year or so, you may not want to take them into consideration as partners from various reasons: lack of projects, possible bad marketing team or even worse – poor executed projects. All these are logical deductions, and there may be more reasons behind this.

Impact of Web Reviews over ORM

ORM or Online Reputation Management is a hot topic, marketers fight each other to get their hands on the market. Reviews are just a part of ORM but score high enough to get the full attention including investments of companies to scare the competition or to simply bring them down.

This is much related to exaggerated positive or negative reviews for a business, but professionals use moderate with high credibility reviews in order to achieve their goals, so, for instance, if you want to review a business and have a successful negative impact on it, there has to be a well-modified fact check, on the strongest point the business counts on. In this case, if a business pays attention to reviews, it will handle negative feedback with the same moderate arguments and turn the tables around, this way or another the ultimate goal is to convince the audience and usually debates on quality product or services in reviews are more attractive than 100% happy customers. In other words, there is always something you have to question, in order to achieve popularity.

Why Small and Medium Web Agencies will perform better than the big ones

Small and medium web agencies don’t get a lot of trust from potential customers for various reasons. For instance:

  • a small number of employees,
  • little experience,
  • lack of reliability,
  • a limited number of clients, or
  • because they simply cannot be found on the internet

But wait! All these are business stereotypes that cannot impact the ultimate result web agencies deliver to their clients:

  1. A small number of employees does not mean they have limited possibilities – professional web designers and developers rather work in medium or small groups than large ones, so they can focus and sync better;  
  2. Little experience doesn’t make them unprofessional but tells more about a caring attitude towards their projects, and if you can’t find them easy on the internet (call them boutique, if you want) it is because big companies invest more in marketing than invest in professionals & tech.

Also, don’t forget that all big web agencies started as a small one, and they went through all this process, but most important, most of today’s big agencies lost their quality services over time.

As Mobiteam is a Top Web Development and Web Design Agency in Berlin, we’ll share our experience in the web industry and bring some light on why small & medium web agencies perform better than bigger ones, and what is the impact overall on both market and clients:

#The Younger the Agency is – the Higher the Quality

This trend is obvious in almost all industries and it’s available for the web sector as well. Either if we talk about the Tech Behemoths like Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon or Google, and other league players, we’ve noticed that at an early stage they provided services of a better quality and their efforts were directed more to user experience rather than to the profit, or at least it was not so visible until they reached the rank of unbeatable companies:

  • Windows 7 was the most successful OS,
  • Facebook until 2012 brought really useful features,
  • Google wasn’t involved in privacy scandals,
  • Amazon was loved more by customers until they extended their range of services.

The average timeframe of high-quality services offered by agencies & companies is 10-12 years, with some exceptions, so you either got an exceptional agency to work with or you better start looking for a small to a medium agency. To save your time on researches, consider Mobiteam: experienced in the web industry and exceptional quality services since 2014 that surpass even the biggest agencies. Thank us later.

#Small Teams Provide Better Results

How many people does it take actually to successfully deliver a project of any size?! Our experience shows that 3-10 people is more than enough to cover all tasks simultaneously and deliver in agreed terms even the biggest project a web design & development an agency can handle.

The benefit of small teams:

  • is the perfect sync,
  • way better focus on tasks and fast development that will save money for their clients
  • Easier and direct communication, no overhead managers and bureaucracy

If it is to compare a 10+ professionals web development & design agency with a similar one that has a team of 20 or more, from obvious reasons the first one will deliver the project 30% faster and save up to 40% clients’ money. In this case, you won’t be feeding an entire corporation with your projects but instead, save time & finances to invest in your business development. Wise!

#Genuine Business Solutions & More Development Opportunities

What most web development and web design agencies provide are websites, and everything related to them, which means you have a business tool to work your way through. That’s great, but never enough.

With big companies things usually work this way: you give them the tasks – they deliver, and that’s all. Or one more thing – they will “milk” you for additional services and keeping you the hostage of their company. You get my point, I guess.

Small to medium web development agencies offer business consultancy services that proved to be efficient and can help you bring something totally new on the market. In other words, each task is discussed and debated, the project is connected with marketing strategies and is developed to serve both the client and its market.

A small to medium agency will bend over to deliver, to convince and stand out of the crowd. Mark my words! This way, you earn a business partner that makes sure of both, his high-quality services and clients well-planned marketing strategy. Also, if you change your mind in the middle of the project and development process and want some functionalities removed, added or modified, it’s easier to turn around a boat with 10 people than a ship with 30.

Ultimately, there is enough arguments to support your choice, whatever it would be, but make sure you don’t transform them into excuses after you get your project done. Mobiteam strongly recommends to choose carefully, and remember that not all big web agencies are top web agencies. Or, as they say, not everything that glitters is gold.

Greetings from Berlin


6 Key Moments About How Mobiteam Became the Top Web Design Agency in Berlin, Germany

As everything starts with an idea and dedicated professionals, Mobiteam is not an exception. We started the same as everybody else, but ultimately, results depend less on how you start, and it’s more about how you grow. This article is about how to become a top web design agency, based on Mobiteam experience.

1. History of Huge Web Experience

Our success story finds its roots back to 2007 when one of our founders, Marcel Sobieski, was the COO of the Swiss company called Mobiteam AG, then after 3 years, in 2011 joining the efforts with RedSky – a Poland-based international web design and web development company. Red Sky created the Tech Behemoths At that time, in 2012-2013, Filestube was world’s #83 website, according to WOW! Then you remember the story with SOPA, and PIPA.

Afterward, in 2013 we created which was in Top20 Globally Premium WordPress Template Boutique. We sold this startup to Imagely LLC from the US in 2017. During the same years, we created another startup, which was sold to a UK company in 2017 as well.

Then, we needed a break from startups and created, which was the top Web Development, Design and WordPress Support agency, with Swiss roots. All these experiences and exits ranked high enough to offer us the well deserved moment of glory in the web industry. During this time, both as a team and individually, we gained an impressive amount of experience, excellent reputation and enough power and confidence to make ourselves known as Mobiteam – the Top Web Development and Web Design Agency.  We are honestly proud of our colleagues and specialists that made this intense road interesting and so resultative.

2. Perfect Planning – Building Reputation

The idea to create and develop Mobiteam was boosted by our team’s professionalism in each field of the web industry. Mobiteam had from the very beginning an excellent team of experts in web design, web development, business consulting, media & marketing – and these are mainly all ingredients to run (again) the perfect startup. When we put everything together, the team was excited to start working on the new projects, but at the same time we knew there is no room for mistakes, and everything has to be perfect, both on our website and in communication with partners. Speaking of which, the first results came shortly as many partners recognized us from our previous projects. On the other hand, our Marketing, Branding & Public relations actions were far from being finished. All just started for Mobiteam…

3.Take the Time to Study Your Partner – Individual Approach

Some call them clients, customers, buyers. We call them partners – this is the first thing to remember in case you access a Mobiteam web development, design, marketing or media service. Most of the web agencies, treat their partners as clients, have a standard attitude, offer the same solutions to multiple business owners and don’t dedicate all the necessary time and attention to the projects they are involved in.

For us, treating business owners as partners is a fundamental priority. It is like a war where you go together side by side and offer individual solutions, best suitable and well-thought alternatives, based on data, experience, and guts, to standard actions that will make a business partner grow stronger, become unique and ultimately conquer the market. Mobiteam’s experience with WPMatic and TeslaThemes was essential in developing unique business and web solutions for best, faster & long lasting results. Each business has its own war to win on the market, and Mobiteam proved to offer top solutions in all 45+ projects (not only in Berlin but globally) we had successfully delivered at the moment in 2018 only.

4. All projects count – size doesn’t matter

Additional to the individual approach, we pay the same attention to all sizes and all types of projects. This is a key moment that makes us unique and brought us to the top. Due to the importance we give to each project, we made a good name in all industries and gained trust from our partners up to even being recommended by them to other business owners.

As this is a key moment for us, we want to share that smaller projects are sometimes more complicated than larger ones, they bring rather financial loss than profit, but in time, with a professional approach from different angles like web design and web development, all small projects grew big and exceeded most of the times our partners’ expectations, and obviously, they returned to us, for the next phases and upgrades. If you want, you may call it this way – we “invested” in the projects we believed and some of them succeeded, returning therefore to us and, making the expected profit, we planned.

5. White Label in the Web Industry

It’s not like the wheel was reinvented but it’s a strong point in working with other agencies. White Label is a business solution that allows a company/agency to take over some other projects from another partner agency or company that is for the moment overwhelmed by projects. The key feature is not to let any marks of your own while helping with a project. This means that the credits go to the agency that initially contracted the project. It’s a simple and safe solution, where both parts put a lot of effort to deliver the best possible result. This unique feature saved a lot of partner agencies, and Mobiteam gained its respectful place and brilliant reputation not only among partners that apply for web design, development, marketing & media services but also among other web agencies like us. But, there is more to it: even business owners want a clean web design without backlinks & credits, so White Label is a perfect solution for them as well.

6. Research. Extend. Improve

A top web design agency like Mobiteam is, both in Berlin and worldwide,  always invests time, money & resources in research, in order to extend the range of services & cover new markets. Even if to climb to the top of the web industry was not an easy path to walk through, staying on top is even more difficult, because there is always enough room for improvements. The living example is that Mobiteam is found almost on all the related keyword for our business on the first page on Google. Kudos to the marketing team here!

As techniques and technologies get more and more each day, Mobiteam always follows the trends, and make a precise selection of what tools deserve the real attention, and would bring a consistent contribution in web design, development, marketing & media fields. This is a continuous process we are permanent engaged in to provide best business solutions  and up to date strategies to new market requirements. It’s impossible to know and cover all the technologies. Do not believe those who cover everything: web design, web development, photography, vlogging, fitness instructor, musician, and traveler, all in one. We are good, some say great, at Web Design and Web Development and are located in Berlin and Chisinau.

Berlin – Best Place to Find Top Web Development & Design Agencies

The web industry is one of the most productive and it gets bigger and stronger each day. From Web Development & Web Design to Artificial Intelligence and nanotechnology, lots of companies compete with each other to cover more clients and branches of the web. The XXI century is for sure the timeframe where everything is connected with web and by web, and places that are mostly connected to IT infrastructure are considered business megalopolises with huge financial potential.

At this time, there are not to many places where Top Web Development and Web Design Agencies are concentrated, but if it is to name the biggest one – for sure is Berlin, Germany. According to, Mobiteam is a top web development company in Germany, and as one of the biggest and most successful web development & design agency, with more than 8 years of genuine experience & 10+ global experts in web industry has the answer, why Berlin is the best place to find top web development & design agencies:

Huge number of top web development & design agencies

Yes, there are cities where the number of web development & design agencies is bigger than in Berlin, but the cream of web industry has chosen this location, and the competition is at a totally another level than London or New York. The big number of top web development and web design agencies is explained by the demanding market, world class IT infrastructure and impressive skills of professionals, if it is to count just a few reasons.

Precision and smart thinking

Germany is the best example one can give when it comes to precision and smart business. Web agencies that relocated from another place to Berlin, have learned and assimilated business habits and business culture in general, so if you are looking for a web design agency that will provide ingenios solutions and deliver their projects on time – welcome to Berlin. Also, you will never move away from a company located in Berlin, without getting a win-win business offer, and the real question would be, which company had the best offer? (We know it’s Mobiteam)

Lower prices – better solutions

Due to high level of competition and big number of companies, web development and web design agencies from Berlin provide unique and most important high quality solutions for any type of business & from any industry. Also, the second name of web design agencies from here, is affordable prices – Berlin is the place where small businesses grow high in no time due to digital marketing strategies and web solutions provided by local agencies, and at the same time big companies and corporations are paying a lot cheaper for unbeatable quality web design and development services than they would in any other city.

Whether you are small, average, big business or corporation, the internet is moving fast for all, and changes are needed more often now; No matter what changes you need, for sure high quality is a priority to you, and when it comes to quality we are the best. Searching for professional web design & web development services can stop for you now, because you know where to find Mobiteam – in Berlin.

Big News! Mobiteam has landed as a top web development company in Germany according to

Mobiteam Ranks on

Right on our website’s homepage we boldly say “We are your proven design, development and consulting partner in Berlin!” We know it and our clients know it, but in today’s competitive environment, we need to let the rest of the world know what we’re all about.

According to Clutch’s research, 62% of business decision makers rely on online reviews before deciding whether to work with a business service company.

So, it’s great to show off how we helped our clients on our website, but we wanted to take to Clutch, as an independent third party ratings website, so other people could learn about the work we do and love!

After 2-3 months on Clutch’s platform, we’ve already collected 5 reviews that make us shine brighter than ever!

Our first review was over 400 words that tells a reader what it’s like to work with us. The review is summed up nicely by saying,

“Mobiteam covered all of my needs, they are a top-notch company.”

Another one of our reviewers noted how much they enjoyed working with us by saying,

“They were not only experienced web developers, but the team also had a sense of responsibility and flexibility.”

After reading what Igor Alexeevich, the CEO of said about our work, we knew we had made the right decision in joining Clutch’s review platform. He said,

“With years of experience in web design and development, they know how to communicate with clients and deliver results.”

All of this amazing recognition on Clutch’s platform has landed us as a top web development company in Germany according to their research. As we continue to collect more reviews on Clutch, we hope to rank higher on their listings. We’d really like to thank our clients for taking the time to recognize the work we do for them.

After being blown away by our Clutch profile, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you achieve all your development goals!